Juliana Paiva admits to tension with the kissing scene before the closing of the novels · the News on TV


With the rapid advance of the new coronavirus in march, has forced the world to respond to writing her novels and to schedule reruns of the yarns of old in the prime-time show. Prior to this decision, however, the actors did not know how to continue the work. Juliana Paiva, Luna/kill her to Save yourself if you Can, it is admitted to have been very tense, with the sequences of physical contact.

“With the quarantine, he took the whole world by surprise, and from one week to the other, everything has changed. I do remember that it was the scene of a hug, a kiss, and it was superpreocupada, because the material of the work in our physical exchange. I was wondering what was going to happen, like all his colleagues,” she said in an interview published by the Globe on Monday (the 20th).

Julie, who coincidentally still up in the air at the same time, the new Fully-Too much (2015), says that he was happy with the position of the tv channel, to preserve its employees. “You can’t be living in a parallel universe, in the context of the epidemic. I was relieved-and proud of it, but at the same time, the heart is tight. It’s very strange, all of it, there wasn’t enough time to give one last hug to you my fellow man for himself,” says the actress, 27-year-old.

In the quarantine, she says that he has done a lot of cleaning, and he released her hand to the manicure. “Clean my house, do my nails, watching the soap opera… I Know the severity of what is going on in the world. If each one of us to understand that, in addition to the legislation, you can pass the disease on to someone else who is in the at-risk group, you will be in the house. I am also praying for this to all go away. I believe that all of the people you are living with a purpose”, filosofa.

She didn’t know Kim Kardashian

While you wait for your return to work, She has been fun when I look at the television from the Kitchen was Fully Too much. Is capable of anything in order to become well-known for the apprentice of the bad guy claimed to be a devotee of the socialite Kim Kardashian. But the artist had no idea who he was, the wife of rapper Kanye West.

“The The kitchen is very absurd, praying to Santa to Kim Kardashian, who I’ve met because of it. But I had to let go of the stereotype in the cartoonish. She has a need to feel loved, there was a lack of affection, and no one is in the way that it is for the sake of it”, humanizes the show.

The character took a sharp turn in the career of Julian, who two years earlier had starred in the flopada in Addition to the Horizon (2013). “People still say to me that if you think about the ‘character silly,’ which I did. The passing was the best it can be. The Kitchen grows a lot, and it is the soul, it is all the more apparent during the course of the story. We had a very good run, everyone was very happy for this project, so much that it earned her nomination for the International Emmy.”