Live at Roberto Carlos, will be transmitted to the inside of the ‘Sunday News’ – Oniverso Disgusting


Yesterday (the 16th) with the assistance of Roberto Carlos, has confirmed that the singer will hold a live at next Sunday (the 19th) in celebration of her birthday, 79 years of age.

Well, today came a news about the presentation: in the company of his teacher, Eduardo Lages, and help Tutuca Edge to the show, which will be paid directly to your house in Urca, a neighborhood in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, and will be broadcast live on the website in the “Quick News”, beginning at 19: 45. However, only the first three songs are broadcast on terrestrial TV. For the complete transmission to be transmitted by the Globoplay, and through the channel of the king of YouTube, with a duration of 45 minutes.

In addition to Roberto Carlos, to the world announced today that it will broadcast in the same manner as in the show, Ivete Sangalo will perform right out of your home in the city.

You can also check the date of other lives, and been marked up to the present time.

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