“No man’s land 1984-New-images-of-Maxwell, the Lord of time, and This will be revealed


The parasite, able to enchant and make your heart almost out of his mouth countless times in the nearly two-hour film. Without a shadow of a doubt that Parasite, and the Nightjar, are movies that are far away, if you like to relate to when it comes to the main topic: the social inequality, the Nightjar, by the vision of the peoples of the north, and in a world of dystopian’s and Parasite’s, looking deep into family relationships and within the structures of your own scenario, through the houses, and, above all, the stairs.

The feature-length film from Bong Joon-Ho defines his actions, especially by the scene at the beginning, the vision of a small pop-up window for the family of Ki-taek, that sounds like rambling, but it is resumed when the window is returned in the same framework one of the key moments of the story.

The film tells the story of a poor family’s Ki-taek, who is unemployed, and, by chance, the teenage son, Ki-taek starts to give lessons to a girl from a rich family, a family in the Park. Quickly, Ki-taek, and his wife and their second child, they see an opportunity to infiltrate the family, the Park, knocking down a number of obstacles and hiding things in order to achieve a certain life of luxury.

As it is observed to be fast in the sense that a poor family is “said to be” a parasite, is a common, simple little study. The family of Ki-taek, during the whole of the story has never been portrayed as needy, though, it in some way – and the parasite. Many times, the one who was always sucking up and trying to more it is a family Park, it’s in need of everything, chew on, to keep living and enjoy what you can. The angle at which it is possible to see, a family Park, it is that they do not have to live without having someone who will cook, drive a car or teach the art to his son.

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The more you think about the piece, the more interesting it becomes, especially when it is one of the key scenes of the story of the flood. In the time that they are in the family of Ki-taek, are you coming back to the house, and the water is going up more and more, until they arrived at the basement where they live and if they ever get it all cluttered up, at that time, they have found that the gap between them and the family, the Park is a lot bigger than the money, it is about the difference between the creations of them and the values they have learned, and even what they like to eat at the dinner table, among other things. In this scene, the stairs are working to make it more metaphorical than ever before.

The next day, the sra., the Park is celebrating over the phone with someone in the rain and did well to clean up at the sky, while you are in the car with the Ki-taek, at the wheel, who had just lost everything that I had.

However, it is one of the best twists and turns in the story, it’s the wife’s old housekeeper, who had lived hidden away in the basement of the house in the Park. When it was discovered by the family of Ki-taek, at the time of the choice (the Moon-Gwang) and returns to rescue it in some way, and claims to have forgotten about it – it appears that she was so immersed in the reality of the Park is that they have forgotten their own , they begin to vie for the secrets that they were hiding from the Park position and the position that you held as of the supposed parasites of the body.

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Coupled with this is the time of the birthday of the youngest son of the Park family, where the husband of the Moon-Gwang tries to murder his family, Ki-taek at the party, taking the life of a daughter of his, and when her husband is injured, mr. Park and runs over to help him and it is something that appears later in the film, in a scene that are close to the families of the poor , and he complains about the smell of a character, such as the poor, it had a particular smell. The complaint was created between her Moon-Gwang Ki-taek’s an empathy because they are both members of the same social class and, therefore, Ki-taek to kill mr. Park.

The iconic ending is due to the fact that the Ki-taek was hidden in the basement of the house, waiting for his son to reach a social class in high and buy the property for them to live there together, he a metaphor is a direct to the fact that the parents expect their children to have lives better than they were. As a parent seeing your child be the first in his family to finish a bachelor’s degree.

The definition of a parasite is: an organism that lives in/on another organism and feeds on it, and often causing some loss. At the heart of social inequality is in the upper class feeds on the lower class that is dependent on the you have in order to survive, like the Park, drank some coffee, ate lunch, and dined at the hands of the family of Ki-taek.