One take and off the cuff. As has been made out for the scene of the iconic ‘The Wolf of Wall Street”


One take and off the cuff. As has been made out for the scene of the iconic ‘ The Wolf of Wall Street”

Matthew McConaughey has revealed to you the secrets of his papers, on Twitter, and talked about the famous scene with DiCaprio.

All it took was one take, improvisation, and a talent

Think fast: what is the first scene that reminds us of “The Wolf of Wall Street”? There is a high probability that you have thought of at the time, Mark Hanna, played by Matthew McConaughey, sings the song of the broker that they work on the basis of the “cocaine and hookers”.

The scene creation carried out by McConaughey and DiCaprio had happened by a mere accident, and it was recorded in just one take, or more precisely the last one, since once you’re ready to go. Anyone who reveals it is the actor himself, who took advantage of these days of confinement, in order to launch a new line in Twitter account.

It’s called “McConaughey Takes ‘ and all the week, the actor recalled one of his most famous roles, with the right revelations, and insights. Take it this week and it did not disappoint.

In a little over three minutes, shows all the things that happened behind the cameras — and it has a little bit of the way. “[O guião] I had a sentence in which I refer to as the sentence of the release, ( … ), sometimes they will give you a sentence that makes your imagination fly,” he says.

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McConaughey was the secret formula for the success of the brokers, as revealed in the South-by Hannah: “The secret is cocaine and hookers”. On the basis of this sentence, the actor has revealed that he created a whole encyclopedia of their characters. “If this really is you believe in, who is, after all, this is the radius of the guy, all right?”

After a lot of searching, and sat down at a table with DiCaprio, with martin Scorsese behind the camera. At the end of the five shots, it was made by Leonardo raised his hand and asked for a second one of the user. “What is it, what were you doing before the scene?”, he said.

“That song is something that I do that before scenes in many movies. The invention of a melody, and use it as a method of relaxation. It’s a musical, it makes you clear your head, because I don’t want to be thinking about how, as an actor, I want to just do it. (…) It helps me to keep a deep voice, and the instrument is released,” he explains in the video.

When the whole team was getting ready to save it to another location, DiCaprio has suggested that the acrescentassem the song is in the scene. Martin Scorsese didn’t put out the obstacles and allowed one more to take. That was all that was needed to create a point style.

McConaughey went on to improvise, and decided to ask the character’s of the South to join him in the song — none of that was in the script. “When I got there in the end [do take]I thought that, musically, it would be ideal to round out the show with the song. I started out with the beat I put [Belford] on top of what it means to be a broker in this transaction and if, at the end of the lay in the track of the beat, to me, is the moment of ‘Now we understand it all’.”

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