Pabllo Vittar will live TikTok on Friday, becoming the first artist to


pabllo vittar
The singer and adorned Pabllo Vittar (PHOTO: Playback)

The social isolation that is caused by a new coronavirus, Pabllo Vittar has followed the guidelines of the world health organization. On the other hand, the singer has released the second part of the album, the 111, to entertain the fans during a pandemic.

he has participated in a live, on Instagram, MTV, and right now, it will be the first artist to
music to to carry out in a live-in-TikTok.

the transmissions are gaining more and more power in the art scene during the
the quarantine, which, in addition to being an excellent choice in entertainment, it is also a
the connection between the artist and the audience.

on Friday (the 17th), at 19, Pabllo Vittar leads one to live exclusively in their profile
at the TikTok, with a duration of one hour. The project will sing songs of your
the repertoire and answer questions from the fans.

“It’s an honor to be the first drag queen to do a live-in TikTok. It will take a lot of the animation, the music, is the day when the sextar is next! I want to see all of my tiktokers interacting with me. Then what a delight to spend time with you, talking, and singing,” he said.

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The artist is very involved in the application of the time. With more than a million followers Pabllo, and challenged the fans to do the choreography for the single, Shy with the Crossover and post it on the platform with the hashtag #TimidaChallenge.

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