Pierce Brosnan gives advice, “the post James Bond to Daniel Craig


The actor Pierce Brosnan he has participated in a viewing party the 007 contra Goldeneye sponsored by Esquire, and took the opportunity to give you some advice, and praise Daniel Craighis successor in the role of James Bond, and say good-bye to the iconic secret agent in the 007: No Time to Die.

Take advantage of your life. You have done a magnificent job, it was really a great in order to win. Hats off to you. I really enjoyed to watch it. You took the bull by the horns and went to the end of it. The world is your oyster and you can do whatever you want. Looks good“.

Film debut in the role of 007 in Goldeneye, and starred in four films in the franchise. The actor was in the Caribbean, writing Stealing the Diamond with Salma Hayekwhen he learned that his contract would not be renewed. The film flopped at the box office and Daniel Craig’s debut as 007 in the Casino Royaleof film that left them m a tone of the most realistic in the franchise, far cry from adventures, and interpreted through Film.

After No Time to DieDaniel Craig is working on a sequel for Between the Knives, and the Secrets of 2019 at the latest.

According to the executive summary of the No Time To DieJames Bond (Daniel Craigif he retired to the life of the agent, but his peace is interrupted when his old friend Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), who works for the CIA and asks for his help, which puts Bond on the trail of a new villain is armed with a dangerous technology. Again, still in the cast Léa Seydoux as for Madeleine, Ralph Fiennes for example, M-and Ben Whishaw as the Q

The premiere of the film was moved from April 4 to On November 25because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

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