PROVIDER: Kylie Jenner without makeup or a tan, “he went back to being a young girl in white”. One of the studies to be quarantined


Kylie Jenner, the youngest sister of Kim Kardashian, has become a matter of gossip, after appearing in public without makeup or a tan, and getting caught by the paparazzi on the street, in pajamas and bare feet.

The multi-billion dollar, and the 22-year-old is being charged for the use of the tan to make a move for black, although it is very white and natural, which was something that the americans call a “blackfishing”.

In some of the comments from the followers of the founder of the company, to a cosmetic Case with Cosmetics read things like, “oh, my God, she’s so pale. I had never noticed it before,” or “the way of the quarantine, turned to the Kylie Jenner at the girl in white”.

Here are the pictures taken by the paparazzi below.

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