Rina Sawayama blend of Pop and guitar-heavy debut album


Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA

After the release of their critically acclaimed EP REQUEST by the year 2017, the pop singer and japanese-English Rina Sawayama it created a huge anticipation for what would become their debut album.

In December of last year, it was released as the first single from the album SAWAYAMA, called “STFU!”. The song had a style to a heavy, and a footprint, bare metal, that runs away, the new work earlier in the year, which just ended up letting the anticipation to his debut album. But the wait is finally over, and Rina was launched last Friday (17), SAWAYAMA.

The album is an extremely fun and dynamic. The production is to draw attention to and in addition to the Request, although he had Clarence Clarity. But some of the other names linked to the project are: Bram Inscore (Troye Sivan), He Is The Company (Carly Rae Jepsenand Nicole Morier (Britney Spears). Danny L Harle (Charli XCX, Clairoand the singer-songwriter Lauren Aquilina they helped to give it the finishing touches.

According to the singer, the album is very personal and focuses on what it means to be always on the lookout for a sense of identity and belonging within the context of the two cultures as opposed to the us, british, and japanese)”. In an interview with the Consequence Of Sound, Rina says that it has addressed these issues through the sounds of an eclectic, and nostalgic for the new album:

It all means that it comes from different parts of the year in 2000. I think that the music was so diverse back then. Have you had a nu-metal type ‘Rollin’ the Limp Bizkit, but you also had to Justin Timberlake making of R&B, and pop. And there was a huge wave of R&B Ashanti and Ja Rule and Destiny’s Childetc. There was also a Case [Minogue]and with the resurgence of the band girls aloud and as a Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Atomic Kitten. So, this is the album through which it comes to all of these places.

Listen to is already on the disc below.

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Rina Sawayama and the Pabllo Vittar

Prior to the release of the SAWAYAMAthe singer has released a remix of a song fun to one of the singles from the album “Comme Des Garçons”in the presence of no one more no one less than the a drag queen the brazilian Pabllo Vittar!

Check out the results here.