Rolling Stone·, Tom Holland, shows that you want to cut down on your drinking, and how Ryan Reynolds does not have been helping


Tom Hollandperformer Spider-Manit is a new decision for the quarantine. The actor Marvel comics it is in central London with friends, and you want to stop with the alcohol for at least a week, but Ryan Reynolds it made it difficult for the process.

In an interview with the program Jimmy Kimmel, Holland he talked about the isolation for a month with my friends. “Don’t [temos problemas] because we are drunk all the time,” joked the actor. “We’re good, we can’t complain about it.”

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In addition to working on the script, Holland put in the time in the movies and games on the Ps, in addition to “drinking too much”. The british actor wanted to change a habit, but it has been discontinued for the present. “In fact, I spoke at the end of the week that I would stop drinking for a week, but quite literally on a Monday, Ryan Reynolds I have sent you a box of a gin and tonic.”

To the satisfaction of the Reynolds, poster boy for the brand of soft drink, it came in exactly at the second of the week, free of alcohol As Spider-Man. “I don’t think that you will have to drink it,” he concluded Holland.


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