Tattoo by Alexandre Pires at the pump in your live today


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With the wave of your lives, even at a high during this period of social isolation. It was not for nothing that the tattoo-Alexandre Pires rocked it today (18/04) in conjunction with his talent and history. The design is old, but the tattoo continues to be a passion of Alexander’s. To understand why that is.

Alexandre Pires gave his life, titled “Live from the Nêgo Came in” on time at 16:00 with the song “No one “Explains” God”. Nice, as always, the artist made a point of leaving a message that’s optimistic to all of the fans. In addition, it was reaffirmed that the purpose of the particular show was to bring a little cheer to one and all.

Tattoo by Alexandre Pires was a big success today, after more than 10 years

Alexander is a fan stated to the football, is a player favorite: the Zico. His passion is so great that the tattoo and Alexandre Pires is the face of the player on his left leg.

He showed them the drawing in person at the 2014 on the program to the wee hours, and found that the tattoo was done in 2008. The man was so much so that she burst into tears.

The face of the player's Footballer of the left leg of the singer's
The face of the player’s Footballer of the left leg of the singer (Picture: Play/Gshow)

But more surprised that a Footballer who was left, was the wife of Alex. According to the singer, he just told her that she was going to do a tattoo. The studio apartment was not far from his home, but he ended up taking a very long time. Restless, his wife was after him to check what was going on.

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When we arrived at the site, I came across her tatuando a face. However, in the immediate future, he felt that he was the one for her, as a token of love. But the disappointment came very quickly… Poor thing!

The tattoo-Alexandre Pires is a tribute to the player’s heart. If you love it so much the football, or any man in particular, just have fun with the design of the singer? It doesn’t have to be a face, to show his love, and it may be the emblem of the team, a ball, whatever… it all goes when it’s time to tattoo!