The “All In Challenge”. Celebrity-auction experiences in order to help those who are hungry in the USA


Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert de Niro are just some of the celebrities who have joined together for food in the United States at the time of the Covid-19.

At a time when the hiv pandemic has forced him to put a brake on the economy and on the incomes of many people have been cut off, a number of celebrities from the entertainment of the US have been challenged by businessman Michael Rubin, who is the founder and ceo of Kynetic, adhering to the “All-in” Challenge,” a challenge to the famous to provide their fans with unique experiences in exchange for donations to voluntary organisations, which distribute food and meals to the most needy.

To participate in the challenge, and the celebrities only have to post a video of it on social networks, explaining that with the experience that they are offering you, and challenging other stars to take part.

The experiments will then be applied for by the participant.

Mark Cuban, owner of basketball team the Dallas Mavericks, is giving you, for example, if a contract is for a day, and the opportunity to play a round of pre-season testing. Justin Bieber’s offer to go to a fan’s house singing the theme to “One Less Lonely Girl”, Elle DeGeneres is going to give you the opportunity to the winner of the tender to be the co-host for a day the talk show Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert de Niro are to provide a role as an extra in the upcoming film starring, directed by Martin Scorsese.

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