The brothers Russo are planning to record their next three films in succession


Unknown to those responsible for the most successful at the box office of all time. These are the Joe and Anthony Russoaccording to the Collider they plan to record their next movie in sequence, meaning one after the other. The project is being carried out by the AGBO– producing brothers who have made their names in the Marvel Studiosstarting as a bet in the “Captain America, the Soldier Winter”by consolidating yourself into “Captain America: Civil War”. and the ending to be responsible for the completion of the first story arc of the studio “The Avengers: Infinite War” and “Ii: Ultimatum”.

The announcement of the next steps in the AGBO it was made by Joe Russo, during a news conference on the “The rescue”film , starring Chris Hemsworth, which debuts this Friday, the 24th, in the Netflix.

“On a personal level, it’s about the stories that we tell and how we connect to these stories. We have projects that we have worked for many years, we would like to bring to the screen. We have plans in secret, to the big, new projects in the universe in which we are working, and we would like to bring to the screen. We have three projects ready, which most likely will be turning it in succession over the next two to two and a half years ago. We are going to be very active. We will announce them when the time is right, but they do vary a lot, and of course, we love to share, so I’m pretty sure that one of them would be in an action movie, and there are great stories in the universe.”

Even though none of these upcoming projects and mentioned a number, the number like the format, and did not rule out returning to the universe. The duo has directed the show with a The Communitythat was a six-year deal.

“We love all of your media, we work with them throughout our career; we have no bias with this, we have never had. Don’t try to have a point of view that one is better than the other. Different media work for different stories, depending on the story you want to tell. We are 100% interested in committing to a project over some time.”

The first film to be released by AGBO it was “A Criminal With No Way Out -”led by Chadwick Boseman. The next project to be released, it should be The “Cherry”with Tom Holland, who is currently in post-production. During the San Diego Comic-Con last year, the brothers Russo were announced as the remake of the “The Thomas Crown-The Art of Murder” that is in the starring by Michael B. Jordan), a change in the animation of the 1970s The “Battle of the Planets“ and a lot of Amazon based on the the graphic novel “Grimjack Comics“.

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