The bullshit and the fights that showcased behind-the-scenes of Marvel’s


The MCU is the biggest franchise in the movie from today in terms of revenue. At the moment, nothing on the Hollywood guarantee of success at the box office as the movies from the Marvel universe.

However, due to the huge success of the franchise, the films have not been without controversy, especially when it comes to the battles behind the scenes. They are the fictionalized version of creative differences, fights between players, or even stars, fighting against the conglomerate of Marvel and Disney and some of the stories date back to the first film in the MCU, and Iron Man.

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The fans only got to see the final product on the screen, with heroes, costumes, and villains, from the evil in the struggle for the galaxy, but in a lot of battles, too, are among the people who have brought us some of the history in the rooms of the board of directors, and behind-the-scenes. Here are seven of the biggest disputes behind-the-scenes production of the Marvel universe.

In the first conflict, in public and behind the scenes of the MCU is not surprising to those familiar with Edward Norton. The actor who originally played Bruce Banner, he had a reputation as a difficult person to work with.

His most infamous was that it had taken control of the movie, The Other one in American History Tony Kaye cast / director in Hollywood for nearly a decade.

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Norton has tried to do the same thing with The Incredible Hulk. Reports from the set indicate that Norton has taken a hands-on approach to the film, the website is personally the route every day, while shooting on the move.

While Marvel comics has agreed to let Norton re-writing the original when it hired him, and they brought to their work on the film in the editing, and he was not happy. The two sides began to fight, with Norton and director Louis Leterrier wanting one thing, and Marvel’s choosing the other.

The final result was a Marvel to go ahead and replace it with Norton for all the other appearances of the Hulk in the MCU.

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Now, the conflict is more personal for the MCU that has occurred in the franchise, Iron Man. Prior to Marvel, Terrence Howard and Robert Downey, Jr. they were close friends.

When it came time to find an actor to interpret it, Tony Stark, Howard reportedly praised her friend, and she says it has helped Downey Jr’s. to be able to the paper, in spite of the legal problems in the past. Downey, Jr. just like Tony Stark, and Howard played James Rhodes.

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When it came time for Iron Man 2, Downey Jr. he received a substantial salary increase. Howard also asked him for more money, and Marvel has responded by revamping the role of bringing Don Cheadle to interpret the Rhodes.

When he was asked about Marvel in the interview, Howard has criticised Downey Jr. and he said that his friend caught it on the rise, and let him go. Howard said he even tried Downey Jr. and by the same help he had offered in the first film, but I never had the answer to ending the friendship.

The situation between Mickey Rourke and Marvel on Iron Man 2 was the opposite of this situation is that of Terrence Howard. Howard loved to interpret, to James Rhodes, and he wanted to come back, but that’s the Marvel of the paper to save money.

On the other hand, Rourke has always said that he hated working with Marvel, and how the studio and destroyed his character.

The Marvel universe has chosen to Rourke, the winner of the academy award for the role of villainous Whip-Black is in Iron Man 2. Rourke believed that the Whip is of Black were a character in a layered and subtle; a man wronged in the past who was seeking revenge for him and his father.

In spite of this, Rourke said that the Marvel universe threw out all of the work, the character of which he has given, and has published his paper, turning it in to a villain, and generic. Since then, Rourke has said that it is not a big fan of the movies or tv shows dumbed down from the graphic novels” that Marvel produces.

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Everyone loved the Agents of SHIELD when it first debuted. But the fans got bored when the plot seemed to drag as the writers were trying to support the big reveal of Hydra in Captain America: The Soldier Winter.

However, as it turns out, maybe they don’t need to worry so much with a MCU, because, with regard to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD doesn’t have anything to do with your world film.

The star of Agents of SHIELD, Chloe Bennet, revealed to the three that fact that the fans are curious, when they asked him why, and the characters of the movies that were showing up on the show. Bennett said fans to wonder at the Marvel that he refused to acknowledge the existence of the program, before you blame the studio, not caring about the show.

She is acknowledged explicitly in the Marvel universe to just pretend that the world of TELEVISION and cinema were connected, in spite of the clear desire of the studio to keep the two more separated as possible.

The MCU started with Iron Man and Robert Downey, Jr. if you made it to the cover of the new world from the movies of the Marvel universe. As Tony Stark, Downey Jr. re-energized his career, and was the leader of the Marvel universe, as the most popular of the cast is ever-growing.

However, as shocking as it may seem, the line-up of Downey Jr’s. it almost didn’t happen, and it was a huge fight behind the scenes for director Jon Favreau to pick his flavor.

In a radio interview in 2014, the actor and director revealed that he wanted to climb, Downey, Jr. but Marvel had turned it down several times. Mr. Favreau said that the reason why Marvel does not want the actor is the same as the reason why he wanted to climb it.

Downey, Jr. he had a public struggle too long with problems of substance abuse, and struggled to regain her life, something that is similar to the fights on-screen than Tony Stark. Favreau has said that he has worked hard to climb to Downey Jr. and he gave up the Marvel its the largest star in the sky.

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Not all of the battles and behind-the-scenes, are just as bad as the press thinks. One of the wars that took place in the media, was the comment of an actor, taken out of context.

Idris Elba starred in the MCU, such as Heimdall, the guardian of the reign of the fire drake. As estrelava ” Thor: The Dark World, he was called back to the refilmagens, something that he called “torture.”

The elbe had just finished working on Mandela: Long walk to Freedom, and said what to do with the movie, and then go back to filming scenes on a green screen was something that he didn’t want to do it. The actor said that the refilmagens torn out his heart.

He later said that his comments were taken out of context. Elba has had a significant role in Thor: Ragnarok, and he said that in the movie, it was the first time he’s had a lot of fun working on the Marvel universe.

The actress and Oscar winner Natalie Portman took on the role of Jane Foster in the franchise “Thor”. However, after the ” Thor: The Dark World, the character Portman has gone missing – and there was only one brief appearance in Avengers: Ultimatum-the-scenes that is not new.

This may not be a problem for a lot of fans consider to be Jane Foster is a weak spot in the film for Me, but it was the result of a knife fight behind the scenes between Portman and the MCU.

Portman has been a major supporter of the choice of Patty Jenkins to direct ” Thor: The Dark World. After that the Marvel universe threw out the idea of a Jenkins to a movie in the style of Romeo and Juliet which deals with the relationship between Thor and Jane Foster, and she has since left the project after he read the new script.

Portman also expressed his dissatisfaction with the report and indicated that Portman was “furious” when Marvel walked away from Jenkins. Interestingly enough, Portman is set to return as Foster in Thor: the Love and the clap of Thunder, it will mark your transformation into the Powerful Thor.