The collection of images that ‘make the internet awesome’


Dated as of march 2019, with the last post on the page for the Museum on the Internet-on Facebook is a picture of a burger being torn in half by an axe. In the comments, people complain that there has not been a new post since then, and stated his appreciation for the initiative, calling on the museum to return to an active page.

The humor and the details of the images you shared, gave the museum more than a million cured. Its creators, the canadian Emilie Gervais, and of the French, santo domingo Margal sought to build on and to create a memory of the image that makes the internet awesome”.

In addition to the findings themselves, Gervais, and Margal, the employees also sent the pictures on the website and on the page of the museum on Facebook was a curator of that content. “What’s more fun is that the images can come from anywhere on the web, it’s completely random,” said Gervais of the Vice magazine in the fall of 2017.

With the closing of the site, the directors have selected about ten thousand of these images were collected by them for the period 2012 to 2019, and were organized in categories on the website of the project. These thematic sections ranging from ‘knowing’ the other based on frames, to classic, passing by way of Kanye West, and the millennials.

His idea was to build up a file of the best of the Museum, from the Internet. In the description of the web site, they state that the collection aims to be “the representation of one version of a season one time in our history”, in the iconography that is formed by the ‘ cats, cell phone, dog, food, meme, prints, moods and more. It is full of humor, cuteness, weirdness, and humanity.”

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