The corner of McConaughey was not in the script for the Wolf of Wall Street


One of the scenes of the most iconic The Wolf of Wall Streetfeature of 2013 Martin Scorseseit was done off the cuff. The revelation was made by the star of the scene Matthew McConaugheythat said, your memorable song is, in fact, is a method of preparation.

The scene in question occurs when the character. Mark Hanna, explains the ways of Wall Street, and the main character, Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. In the middle of the restaurant, Hannah begins to beat on his chest, and murmurrar a corner point.

“Singing is something that I do prior to a number of scenes. I think of a melody as a tool for relaxation, he explained that the actor in the video is titled McConaughey Takes. “I was doing all the shooting”.

McConaughey described it, then it was at the suggestion of DiCaprio’s, that the song would be inserted into the scene: “We’ve done five different times, and Martin was good to go. Just as we were getting ready for the next scene, the Leonardo, said, ‘what is it that you are doing in the scene? And if you put it in the big picture?”. According to the actor, when they first introduced it into the scene, it was just a plug to make it perfect.

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Directed by Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street he had the five nominations to the The oscars 2014including Jonah Hill as the Best Actor in a Supporting role, and Leonardo DiCaprio as the leading Actor. The production was a box-office world A$ 392 million.

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