The Day The Earth Overshadowed By A Pandemic


Since 1970, every April 22 we celebrate Earth day. Fifty years later, no one can say that the environment is in better shape, and in spite of the multi COVID-19 have pushed the climate change aside, the need for action remains urgent.

But Thunberg is on the face of the defense of the planet, and, while acknowledging that priority is given to the other, it points out that climate change will have an impact on our lives, and it is also an immediate threat, even though it’s not as immediate as with the coronavirus. In this instance, the Swedish adds to the impact of climate change will be felt all over the planet, and it has already started.

The planet can be stopped in order to be able to fight the pandemic, but it continues to have an impact on the outcome of many years of abuse. The UN Secretary-general, António Guterres, the time has come to learn from our mistakes:

“This Earth day, all eyes are turned to the multi COVID-19, the greatest test that the world has faced since the second world war. We need decisive action to protect the planet either on the coronavirus, or the threat of climate change. The current crisis is a wake-up call that was unprecedented. We need to transform the recovery into a real opportunity for us to do the right thing in the future.”

The need is further reinforced by the report that has been published by the program Copernicus, which shows that, by 2019, the year’s most hot, of which there are records, and that eleven out of the 12 warmest years have occurred in the last two decades.

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The measures for the containment and all over the world have contributed to a slight improvement in the environment, but they are not enough. Especially if you are repeating the same mistakes of the past in order to save the economy, provoking the destruction of the planet.