The films that will take you to London, without ever leaving your home


Take a virtual trip to London, it is possible to. Featured in many of the productions of the seventh art in the capital city of England and is the destination of choice for the movies that won the Oscar that range from romance to comedy, and pay tribute to the famous sights such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Covent Garden.


The London Eye, one of the most well-known sights of London

The London Eye, one of the most well-known sights of London

Among the features, we can highlight The King’s Speechthat is the story of king George VI, and the doctor, the original, the king, while he was still prince Albert. The film is set in London in the 30’s and 40’s of the last century, in addition to from Buckingham Palace you can see on the Regent’s Park, and Westminster abbey.

With four actors and such Closer – Too Close bring in your cast Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, and Clive Owen. The ferris wheel is the most famous in the world, the London Eye, this is the first meeting of the characters, Julia and Clive. The long one, full of uncertainties and unexpected twists and turns, and uses, London is nearly always grey in the background.

To check out the other movies that take place in London, a visit to the material of a journalist in Argentina, Borges is on the blog PANROTAS.

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