The Pope prays for the families that are in crisis, and for the conversion of the loan sharks who are hungry


In the holy Mass on Thursday (23/04) at the Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican, Francis turned his thoughts to the many families that are in crisis due to a new coronavirus, are placed in a greater difficulty still, for those of you who prey on this need-to-know. In his homily, the Pope recalled that Jesus intercedes for us before the Father, showing his wounds, the price of our salvation is that we have to have more trust and confidence in the prayer of Jesus which is in our prayers


Francis presided over the holy Mass at the Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican, on the morning of Thursday (23/04) in the second Week of the easter season. In the introduction, she directed her thoughts to the families in difficulty, in times of a pandemic:

In many places it feels like one of the effects of the hiv pandemic, many families in need, the hungry, and, unfortunately, they are assisted by the lenders. This is another of the pandemic. The hiv pandemic: social families of the day, including, unfortunately, people who have irregular working, which might not work and you do not have enough to eat… with the kids. And then the lenders take it to them the little that they have. Let us pray. Let’s pray for these families, many children of poor families, for the dignity of these families and let us pray, also, for the lenders, that the Lord may touch their hearts and convert them.

In his homily, the Pope commented on the passage from the Book of the The acts of the Apostles (Acts 5,27-33), in which Peter, in the face of reproaches and threats of the high priest, who wants to ban them from teaching the people, and says that it is necessary to obey God before men, and he announces it openly in the face of all of the death and resurrection of Jesus christ, the Savior, the religious leaders put him to death. The courage of Peter, who was weak, “he said,” Francisco, come to the prayer of Jesus as he is, so that your faith may not vacilasse. Jesus prayed for Peter. And when Jesus prays for us before the Father, showing his wounds, the price of our salvation. Jesus is the intercessor, we must have more trust and confidence in the prayer of Jesus, found in the Life of you in our prayers. The following is the text of the homily taken by the holy see (Vatican city) News:

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The first reading continues the story that had begun with the healing of the lame the face of the Gate Beautiful of the Temple. When the apostles were brought to the Sanhedrin, and after they were imprisoned, and after the angel had delivered them. And this morning, as this morning, they had to get out of the jail to be brought to justice, but that they had been freed by the angel and proclaimed in the Temple. “In those days, they took him to the apostles, and were presented to the Council. The high priest began to question them, saying: ‘We have had forbidden, expressly, that you ensinásseis in the name of – that is to say, in the name of Jesus christ. In spite of this, ye have filled the streets of Jerusalem with your doctrine. And we want to make you responsible for the death of this man!’”, because the apostles, Peter especially, rebuked; Peter, and John, and do not hinder them, the leaders, the priests, and for having killed Jesus.

Then Peter answered, along with the apostles, with this story: “we must obey God, we are obedient to God, and to you who are to blame for this.” And you made the accusation, but, with courage, with frankness, that a person can ask: “and this is Peter, who rejected Jesus christ? Him pierre, who had so much to fear, and that Peter, that he was even a wuss? How is it possible that you have gotten to this point?” And it turns out he even says: “And we are witnesses of us, and the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to them that obey him”. What was the path of Pedro to get to this point, with this courage, with this openness, and the pope himself? Because he couldn’t come to an agreement, and say to the priests: “you May be assured that we will take, we’ll talk about in a little low voice, no more, and we will acknowledge you in public, but you need to leave us in peace, and come to an agreement.

In the history of the Church has had to do this many times in order to save them from the punishment of God…. And a lot of times, they also did it in order to save herself, but not in the Church! – up to decision-makers. The deals can be good and can be bad. But they could leave the settlement? No. Peter said: “I agree. You are to blame, and with this courage.

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And how did Peter come to this point? Because he was an enthusiast, a man who loved her with an intensity, a man to be feared, a man who was open to God, to the point that God revealed to him that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, but then soon after it becomes to resist the temptation of Jesus: “No, sir, this is the way it’s not: let’s go for the other one.” Redemption without the Cross. And Jesus said to him: “Satan.” Pedro, that was a temptation in the way of grace, a Peter who is able to get on their knees in front of Jesus and say: “depart from me, for I am a sinner,” and after Peter’s, which seeks to be able to get away without a show, and so you don’t end up stuck renege on Jesus. This is a Peter’s unstable, but because it was very rich and also very poor. What’s the point, what was the power that Peter had to come over here? There is a verse that will help us figure this out. Before the Passion, Jesus said to his apostles, “Satan has come to claim you as wheat.” It is in the moment of temptation: “Ye shall be as wheat.” And he says to Peter: “And I will pray for you, that your faith may not falter”. This is the secret to Peter, the prayer of the lord Jesus. Jesus prayed for Peter, that his faith did not falter, and it said Jesus to confirm his brethren in the faith. Jesus prayed for Peter.

And that’s what Jesus did with Peter, he makes the best of us. Jesus prays for us, prays in front of his Father. We are in the habit to ask Jesus to give us this grace, this grace will help us, but we are not accustomed to the contemplation of Jesus showing the wounds of the Father, and to Jesus, the intercessor, Jesus prays for us. And to Peter, he was able to do all of this the way of the coward, the brave, with the gift of the Holy Spirit, thanks to Jesus ‘ prayer.

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Let’s think a bit about it. Dirijamo us to Jesus and thanking him for It and pray for us…. Jesus prays for each and every one of us. Jesus is the intercessor. Jesus, I wanted to carry with him the wounds in order to show them the Father. The price of our salvation. We should have more confidence, more of you in our prayers, in the prayer of the lord Jesus. “The lord, “pray for me” – “I am a God, I can’t give you…” “Yeah, but,” pray for me, for You are the intercessor”. And this is the secret to Peter, “Peter, I will pray for thee, that thy faith may not falter”.

The Lord teaches us to ask Him for the grace to pray for each and every one of us.

The Holy Father ended with the celebration of the sacrament in the adoration, and the blessing of the eucharist, by inviting us to make a spiritual Communion. The following is the prayer recited by the Pope:

All the way to your feet, o my Jesus, I prostrate, and to you I offer the repentance of my contrite heart, which delves into his nothing in Your holy presence. I love the priest in the Sacrament of your love (the Eucharist). I desire to receive you into the poor dwelling that my heart offers you; waiting for the happiness of sacramental communion, I wish to have you in the Spirit. “Come to me, o my Jesus, I come to you…. Your love can ignite the whole of my being, life, and death. I believe in you, hope in you. I love you all. The way it is.

Before leaving the Chapel dedicated to the Holy Spirit is chanted in the antífona mariana “Regina coeli” sung in the easter season:

The queen of heaven, rejoice. Hallelujah!

Because That’s what merecestes bring to your company. Hallelujah!

He is risen, as he said it. Hallelujah!

Pray for us to God. Hallelujah!

D./ rejoice and Be glad, o Virgin Mary. Hallelujah!

C. the Lord is risen, truly. Hallelujah!

Full video of the Mass

Mass with Pope Francis in the Casa Santa Marta – 23.04.2020