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Michael De Miranda, and Mary-Ellen Farias dos Santospublishers of the Resenhando.

Tony, Hinoto is an artist who thinks about music 24 hours a day. His “Japanese-snuff”, a band that, with joy, and broke the switches on the decade of the 90’s, and was perpetuated in the history of brazilian music. Guitarist, composer, and singer, who inherited it from his uncle, he was introduced to the story of the brazilian music, the creativity and the versatility of a true artist.

A former member of the group is the cover home of the “snuff”, Tony, Hinoto is preparing to write a TV series about the band, and promises to soon release an album with unreleased songs in his solo career. In order to contribute to art and culture, in order to minimize the damage caused by the social isolation of the artist, he recorded a mixtape with five songs a month.

“It’s a trap to tell us a little bit of me, showing in the songs, everything I’ve seen, more clearly. This song shows my versatility in styles of music, it’s a preview to my album, which will come in the second half”account Bill Hinoto. The Quarantine is a social networking and a platform with SoundCloud, the song “PRADA”, “the God Game”, “Check Mate,” “Panamera,” and “But”.

#ResenhaRápida Bill Hinoto

Full name: Alberto Hinoto.
Name: Bob.
Date of birth: On may 5, 1998.
Quality: creative.
Problem: a perfectionist.
Sign: relax on the boat.
Parent: the lion.
A selection tap.
Religion: catholic.
Time: Level.
Love: family .
Sex love.
Pretty woman: my girlfriend at the time.
Handsome man: “Supernatural’s” Jared Leto.
The family is: all the basis.
Hidden immunity idol: Bento Hinoto.
Inspiration: John Mayer.
The art is to: natural pain killer.
Brazil: where I’m from.
Faith: believe it.
God’s is a: force.
The policy is to: I’d rather not talk about.
Hobby: the floor of the board.
Location: Poços de Caldas.
The one that you can’t miss it in the fridge: The Coca-Cola Company.
Favorite meal: stretching.
Dessert: why it’s a favorite.
Fruit: water-melon.
Favorite color: in black.
The fear of: a shark’s.
A part of the theater: “Hermanoteu na Terra (album version)” of the Company to Comedy and The Best in the World.
A the show: Matuê.
As an actor: Paulo Gustavo.
An actress: With Margot Robbie.
Write an article about him: Vitão.
A song Was Eilish.
Writer: Victor-Hugo.
Author: And J. K Rowling.
A movie:Space Jam the Game of the Century ‘ – watch the trailer of this link.
Book: “Les Miserables,” by Victor Hugo.
Song: “Wish You Were Here” – Pink Floyd. Watch the music video of this link.
A hard disk: “Astroworld” – Travis Scott.
Character: Mickey Mouse.
A short story: “Chocolate with Pepper”, a Walcyr Carrasco.
Series: “Stranger Things” (Netflix).
A TV show: “Have a good day & Co.” (the SHOW).
Please enter a website:
Indicate to a channel in the YouTube: The Comedy In The Wild.
One more day: childhood.
Something that I’ve thought of: fake.
Something that makes me happy is: recognition and appreciation.
I open a hand of: to help those who need it.
Than I open my hand: for the people that don’t add up.
Say yes to: in a game of football.
I will tell you to: prejudice against it.
Dream come true: to be recognized for my work.
The future: success.
Death: pass-through.
Life is to: to live in.
In a word: the effort.
Being a singer is: if you express yourself.
To be a man in today’s it: responsibility , character, and respect.

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