The quarantine, with a… Desiree, and Meagan


The quarantine, with a... Desiree & Again

The quarantine, with a… Desiree & Again

It is in your house, in the City, that Desiree Soares Galvão Bueno, they spend their days in social isolation. Desiree, who is celebrating in the year 2020, the 20 years of the Studio, reagendou to the traditional contest for Boy’s & Girl’s Studio, Desiree Jones, for December, has made no secret of the longing of your children, I and Luca, who are residing in the United States, and it remains so. Again, in turn, has been a huge success with their lives, straight out of his office turned into a studio, and it has all the performances of the piece, it’s going to be traveling the Country bringing you all the thrills, behind-the-scenes, and their relationship to the major athletes in addition to reviving coverage of the historical, in 46 years on the road. The couple spoke to the SHEET of paper.


“We are taking advantage of the quarantine to watch movies, to walk together in a condominium complex, it really is a unique moment. When we were in London, I wake up and I’m in the Studio, and then I come back to have lunch with Again, I go back to the Studio. Right now, I’m meditating on, praying over, doing my exercises. In a room of the home, I turned on my SPA and meditation. Meagan has done in the lives with the guests, and we have been busy for the donation. I have done a lot for the gift. Again, with the House Wines, they also are in the donation, both for the purchase of materials for the hospitals, such as the basket of basic food items for those who don’t have an income.”

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The plans has Been

“He would begin, before the Olympic games, and on trips around the Country, in which, in the drama, the stories and the behind the scenes of the Formula 1 grand prix of brazil, and much, much more. When everything is set, we will go to the Country. The only put off. To end the quarantine, we went back to the ‘Good Friends’ with the game, and this project is on the stage. We miniestúdio here in London to present the ‘Good Friends’, but when they all go back to the body, the gift, and that is what I like the most.”

The plans (Desiree

“As soon as I can, I’m going to fly to the United States, in order to see Leonardo da vinci, Luca, and our children, and that they were there. The one I work in Orlando City Soccer. Luca is currently studying at the Film school. They are working in, and studying online as well, but they were not able to get out of there. So let go of all of that, I get to go to there, dying, in love with them! After that, I’m going to put a lot of thought in to the Studio, with back-to-school, and this year, we have delayed the contest, which would be at the end of June. A Boy and a Girl Studio, Desiree Jones, is scheduled for the 5th of December, and to mark the 20th anniversary of the Studio, and it’s a party, it’s very beautiful, done with all of my heart. It’s my dream come true, the one thing that I have always loved to do. Completing 20 years is a source of great pride, and we’re going to have a party for linda, joining the contest, commencement, and this date is so special to you.”

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After all….

“When this nightmare ends, I think we all have a purpose, I have a lot of faith in God, because He is in charge, we will be better human beings, more love for others, thinking of it more in the next one, on the small and simple things of life, without a lot of rest. I believe that we will have better air to breathe. Hopefully it will pass soon”

Sewing volunteers

The Evangelical Hospital of Londrina is in need of action, of planned, voluntary, for the manufacture of the coveralls. Today, the hospital uses an average of 1,400 units a day, and the stock is cheap. The need for this PPE has increased significantly, and because of this, there is a lot of difficulty with finding the product on the market. HE will provide all the materials needed for the production, but you need to hand in the work on a voluntary basis. Anyone interested in helping can get in touch for a Chat to 43 99616-2862.

Birthdays and anniversaries

Carolina Vetromille Bacchi, Juliana Rocha, Luciana Sitta, and Rafaella Rezende, opening the age on Thursday, the 23rd of April.

The quarantine, with a... Desiree & Again

The plans for Ronaldo

One of the most sought after in the region-Ronaldo-Griggio agree with the editorial work as a sales consultant for the Resort city of Punta Del este, building, nautical, and aeronautics on the shores of the Dam, the Capybara, in the Country. On the list of latest jobs, campaign for the brand, Wouze


The Britney Spears and Shania Twain all have in common? Not many people know it, but in addition to the status of a star, the maximum of the music they worked on together. Twain is one of the compositoras and did the backing vocals to one of the songs of the eternal princess of pop: “Don’t let me be the last to know”…

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The cacao now!

The consensus among dermatologists: when it comes to choosing chocolate, choose the version with a high percentage of cocoa – 70. The cocoa industry, as the stress does not cause acne and is a good oxidizing agent.


At the time of the quarantine, many of the architects have opted for web-based projects. This is the same. For a lower value, it is possible to hire a professional and have all the specs for the retirement of your dreams.

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