The Rolling Stones: get to Know the amazing facts about the band!


More than 60 years we have revealed the big names in music such as the Beatles, Bob Dylan and even the Rolling Stones. And it’s this last one that is listed on and we are going to talk about today. The Stones have so much time on the road, that is certainly some of the hit you have heard and will probably like it. You may have heard it in a movie, and in some cover, or something of the sort. And, in addition to the songs, it is, of course, for the cup, it always comes up in the mode of Mick Jagger. This is because, according to superstition, the lead singer would walk away cold, and with a real chance for the selection of their fans. But hey, let’s check out these interesting facts about the Stones!

The Best Facts About The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

  • The lead vocalist Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards first met in school, Wentworth County Primary in the early to mid 50’s. And it was this friendship that in the days of the Rolling Stones.
  • It is in this same school, and the lead guitarist Brian Jones would have had to have come out of there with all nine of the notes to zero. But Mick Jagger has almost been just as bad, with the seven leading zeros in the gradebook.
  • A curiosity in that it involves the Star Wars films. Actress Carrie Fisher has hinted that she and Harrison Ford were drunk during the filming of a few scenes from The Empire Strikes back. This is because they have spent the previous night drinking at a party with the rich kids.
  • During the show, in 1981, when guitarist Keith Richards has come to stop playing the guitar to hit her in the head with a fan. The reason is because the fans invaded the stage, and I would be going in the direction of Mick Jagger and security, according to Keith, he was too slow to stop anything at all.
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The Rolling Stones

  • With a 16-year-old, and the late guitarist Brian Jones had a two sons have not been recognized.
  • The filmmaker is Martin Scorsese’s love of the band to the point of using the song Gimme Shelter, and in four of his films. Among them, The Good Companions, which is considered a masterpiece of the film of the organized crime.
  • During this time, the Stones stopped touring, until it’s needed. Then, in an interview with the drummer, Charlie Watts was asked about the reason for the return. This, he said: “We decided to come back because we live in a world of music that is dominated by Britney Spears”. Guess what: the singer has done a cover of Satisfaction in the band!

But, don’t you? Enjoy the sound of the Stones? What do you think of these facts? Like it? And then you comment! 😀