The secrets of the film, when the plot twist is really, really good.


Fight club

The Plot twist it is one of the terms of issues are not translated in the most common in the texts, and the analysis of the film here, but we all know what it means? This is a tool that is used by many directors and writers out there, but the chance of it going wrong is large.

Starting with the definition of the the plot twistit can be a word by word translation the same: turn on the script. Throughout the story, it appears that it is going to turn out badly, and… surprise, surprise! It was not quite the thing, and the story takes a new turn.

But this is a good thing, isn’t it? It’s nice to watch a film or tv series that will surprise you-and don’t be predictable. But it is here that lies the danger. In the rush to build a the plot twist amazing, there are many products that slip and end up underestimating the viewer’s ability to figure out what’s the way to make that the whole story was a dream of a character, for example).

the plot twist
The disclosure

How do you know when a the plot twist it’s a good thing? First of all, the film doesn’t assume that the audience won’t understand the story. In fact, it is essential for the viewer to buy in to the idea, and embark on the wave of what’s being shown here. If we are already waiting for something to happen to change the course of the narrative, then the impact will be kept to a minimum.

And even though it is possible to look forward to the twistif it is well written, it gives you a sense of reward to the audience. Find out in the end-it would be an award in this case. When it’s a bit simplistic, but the feeling is a waste of time.

Game of Thrones this is a perfect example of both of these cases, by the way.

From here on, we will give you spoilers for a few films. None of this is new, but be warned.

game of thrones the red wedding
Anyone who is not shocked by the Red Wedding? (Photo: Handout)

One of the masters of the face of the script’s (or was it?) M. Night Shyamalan, who blew minds with the amazing The Sixth Sense (1999). To find out that Bruce Willis was one of the spirits, which only the young Haley Joel Osment, via practically forced us to watch the movie again to see if it was possible for that to be true.

But to himself, Shyamalan has fallen into the trap of twists and if you’ve seen the mission, the commitment to that resource to try and give you an air of innovative artworks. And those who try it often, of course, you have a better chance of making a mistake. The Lady in the Water (2006), and the The end of Time (2008) are there to prove it.

plot twist the sixth sense
The Sixth Sense (Picture: Handout)

The the plot twists started to be more popular back in the ‘ 70s, under the influence of a number of films guaranteed made up to that point, and, of course, with a nudge of his mother’s death – where he is. The various ways of creating the scripts were to be tested, such as to withhold information from the public to give tips on the false of what can happen, or can suggest any other way unclear.

For this reason, it is not only important for the way the the plot twist it is revealed, but also how it is constructed. Fight club (1999), and does it very well, creating a conflict rising between the narrator, an anonymous (with Edward Norton) and Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). If they are so opposed to one another, and the fact that the protagonist does not have a name, they were clues as to how it would be with the ending, but it’s far from predictable, to find out that they are one and the same person.

The other the plot twist it was stored in the memory of the The Victory Of Love (2008), and Martin Scorsese. The strategy here is slightly different: to create a link between the actors and the audience. There is a natural tendency for the audience to “cheer” for the guy, even more so when a police officer undercover in the mafia, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio.

But it’s the letting go of the script with his actors, there is a disguised form of tension that is created from the very beginning. When Billy (the character, Leo, is killed by a gunshot to the forehead in the third act, they see the surprises behind the surprises, and the pace is frenetic. If they were capable of doing that, what is there???

the plot twist with the victory of love
The Victory Of Love (Photo: Handout)

Since we are in a phase of play due to the guy that came, here are some of the best in the history:

The planet of the Apes (1968): astronaut George Taylor (Charlton Heston) landed on a planet dominated by apes, but at the end of the day, you’d find out that it was put into the Earth, his home planet in the future. The Super-innovative, and even today it is relevant.

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980): after a lot of face Soon after, you see a lot of people dear to you die and you would almost be convinced to go to the Dark Side, Luke, Skywalker found out who the bad guy was actually her father. Today it does not seem as big a deal as everyone may already know this, but you can imagine the surprise in the back, in the 1980s, when there were only two Star Wars films were released?

On The Other (2001): “the mystery behind the mansion, where the protagonist, Grace (Nicole Kidman) lives with her children, it is very, very good. They can’t get out of the house, which is haunted by spirits, because they have to wait for your father to come back from the War. But the plug will eventually fall and, after a lot of suffering in the film, they find out that they are, in fact, minds do too!

Oldboy (2003), which in addition to being a master-piece of the action, and shall be entitled to do so, the following 4-minute beat ‘ em up, eating released, and the film of the Korean, Pak Chan-wook, is a punch in the stomach. The protagonist lived on a ruthless journey of revenge against the man who jailed him for 15 years, and while he tried to find his daughter. Here’s what the woman who was helping him from the very beginning, with the sexual tension that you would go to if it happens, it’s your own daughter! It was all a plan of revenge against him, in fact. What a shame…

Recently, the director has used a lot as well the plot twists is Jordan Peele. You need to run! and We had turned interesting, and they have created great expectations about the coming work of his. I hope that you will continue as well, and miss less-than Shyamalan, isn’t it?