The series of the decade, the Empire came to an end marred by a coronavirus, and the scandal · News on the TV


The series, which got the numbers from the hearings is rare in this period, the Empire reached its place in the history of TELEVISION. However, due to a scandal, directed by the actor Jussie captain smollett, and to the calamity of the public, the drama, the novelesco has come to an end in the last Tuesday (may 21) in the United States, a decision was destroyed.

Due to the crisis of the new coronavirus, which has crippled Hollywood, and the Empire had to stop a couple of episodes ahead of time, and it became the first of a large series of severely impacted by the pandemic. The sixth season was planned to be the finale to the 20th chapter. But the recordings were stopped during the second-to-last episode, which has not been done. Thus, in the 18th episode, it served as the last one.

As you would expect, say, the Empire was full of loose ends, frames are important, without a conclusion. “This is the one part of my heart,” said Brett Mahoney, the show runner of the drama, the stories don’t shut down.

In an interview with the site TV Line, he made a promise to the fans: “[A conclusão de Empire] He was the victim of a Covid-19. I can promise you that if you don’t record the episode to the last, we are going to solve this problem, in one way or another.”

[Atenção: a seguir spoilers da sexta temporada]

The sixth season is just not ended at the hands of the jin identifies himself (in the future) that, apparently, did the power couple about Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) and Cookie’s (Taraji P. Henson) – it has been shot by the shooting, she “killed” in a car-bomb. This is the arc that lasted a season and all of it was ignored, because the outcome would be recorded at the 20th and final episode, ” a clear-cut resolution on the fate of the couple.

Instead, it was like the episode fine-it was a real “monster” of a joint, which would be the 18th chapter with the scene in the 19th. The Frankenstein narrative has been done to try to put something together to be satisfactory. The story progressed quickly, with the two deaths, poorly explained, and it’s a happy ending for the whole family to Lyons, together with after you have left the strife-threatening side.

It is possible to make a feature film in the near future to deliver to the viewers what will happen in the final plan. But for this to happen, the farmers will have to overcome the barriers that are in contractual matters, the schedules of the cast, and the constant flirting and directed by Terrence Howard, with the idea of retiring from the business.

Jussie captain smollett, Bryshere Y. Gray, Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, and Trai Byers on Empire

Embedded in the pop culture

The Empire reached its place in pop culture, attracting the attention of a number of artists (from music, TV and film) which is provided to operate in series. The list of celebrities who have gone through the drama, told with such names as Mariah Carey (singer), Demi Moore (american actress) & Chris Rock (the comedian). Those who have contributed to the attraction of turning to a phenomenon that has first name and last name: the Cookie Lyon, france.

He Taraji P. Henson became a sensation, and that was the success of the show. It appeared in all it’s a place of morning talk shows, the talk shows, late night, wasting a good mood, single, and talking about the Cookies, with their staves, and, in a way, gaudy, that have made it into an icon.

The Empire can continue to follow in the footsteps of the Cookie, which would be a logical approach, and the standard of a great series, and that is to get a character to stand out in the a series is derived. However, the show runner Mahoney swears feet together, you don’t know anything about an attraction to a puppy that is led by it. For details, Taraji won the Golden Globe award for best actress, at the end of 2016.

The high and the low

Launched five years ago, the Empire reached its peak very, very quickly. The musical drama presented the numbers, the incredible to the audience in the first episode, with an episode full of twists and turns, worthy of soap operas in mexico. Just after that it fell into commonplace, and the public, so, little by little.

In his first year, and the numbers recorded by the Empire, were similar to the ones in Grey’s Anatomy a decade ago. The first season was averaging a robust 13 million per episode, and has been a leader in the United States, among the viewers, and adults. It was also the owner of one of the most expensive commercial in the us, the equivalent of the sought-after claims the NFL is the professional league of american football).

By 2019, the Empire made the headlines for the wrong reasons, coming in to the news on the police, and subject to the priority in the web site TMZ. The interpreter of the singer-gay-Jamal, the actor Jussie captain smollett found himself caught up in a scandal. He alleged that he was assaulted by two men in Chicago, who defined it as a hate crime, and homophobia. After a lengthy investigation, the police determined that he, himself, said it all.

Captain smollett was the case against him is dismissed, to the end of 16 counts. He has gone from being a martyr to the cause of the minorities who suffer the abuse of all-day the lying and self-seeking, a person who is armed is a felony to gain prominence in the media.

No point in mincing words, it is the producer, Lee Daniels, co-creator of the series said that this is ugly at all “it certainly has influenced a lot,” the cancellation of the drama in its sixth season, the United States of america ended up with an average of 2.65 million viewers, up 41% from a year earlier.