The studio is a tribute to Amber Heard, and is then slaughtered by the fans


Ever since Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have ended with the wedding in the fall of 2017, and they are locked in a legal battle is prolonged and continuous, it becomes more and more messy.

Both of these stars claim that they were abused in a marriage, but it is the one who first came up with the public complaining about the situation, it was Amber Heard, who also initiated the prosecution of her ex-husband, alleging various types of physical and sexual assault.

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However, in a recent twist, audio and leaked whatsapp conversation between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp showed that she was a firebrand of a lot of events and people.

Since these audio files were leaked, fans from all over the world rose up in revolt against the actress, asking that she be fired from all his jobs, including the administrative allowance for Aquaman.

It is unlikely that his resignation is going to happen, especially after a post of speculation on social networks that was even more to the public.

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She was completed just yesterday, the 22nd of April, the 34-year-old, and was sent to the official Twitter of the Tempest.

In the comments of that post, the vast majority of his fans have made comments, refusing to publish, and, again, the criticism of the show.

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“The woman has admitted to repeatedly assaulting her husband, but of course, we’re going to tweet about it because it is beautiful to look at, and it keeps the fans watching. Women will never face the consequences of their actions when it comes to abuse,” wrote one fan.

Amber Heard belongs to an arrest. People want to see her in a suit of orange. I can’t wait for that,” said the other.

“So, are you still supporting this agressora,” wrote a third, while a fourth fan said: “Oh, look, it’s the agressora!”

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Amber Heard must be returning as a Merely for Aquaman 2, which is scheduled to premiere in December of 2022.