The Winds of Winter, and solve the big mystery of Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones (Source: Reproduction)
Game of Thrones (Source: Reproduction)

Almost a year after the Game of Thrones finished 8th and last in the season HBO, Jaqen H ghar (Tom Wlaschihastill a character that was very mysterious. Introduced to the public on the 1st season of a criminal, Lorathi, Jaqen is a member of a mysterious group of killers and Men with no Faces, he was imprisoned in the dungeons of king’s landing. However, I never found out why Jaqen was imprisoned in the first place.

One popular theory suggests that Jaqen was in king’s landing, to receive the orders for the murder of the king, Robert Baratheon (The Mark Addy). And even though the HBO series will never refute his ideas, they, too, have not been confirmed. However, it is possible that the The Winds of Winterof George R. R. Martinthe sixth book of a work of literature In the a song of Ice and Fireto finally reveal the true reason for Jaqen to visit the capital of the Seven Kingdoms.

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With the arrival of Jaqen

At the time of the arrival of Jaqen in the land of the king, Ned StarkSean Bean) he was still working as the King’s Hand. However, the strength of the Stark-he had no intention or desire to remain with the help of the king to Robert. He walks out when she finds out that Robert and the Small Council are planning to find and kill Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarkea ), the bloodline of the kings”.

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Just before Ned’s departure, Robert and the Small Council, called the Men with no Faces, they dress up using the faces of those they killed in order to fulfill their orders. It’s a fleeting moment and it barely registered. For the Men, the Face is never involved in the events of king’s landing, though. Or so we thought.

The user of the Reddit, batnado12344thinks that’s the reason why Jaqen put your feet on the wall it’s to help with the murder plan with Her. Or, at the very least, he is there to officially receive their orders. But something has changed between his recruitment and arrival in the city, the king Robert dies, and Ned is arrested for treason by order of Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey). And she didn’t have to have the whole world knowing that her son, king Joffrey (Jack Gleesondid not have a legitimate right to the throne, isn’t it? It’s good that there’s a killer on the hand!

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It is possible that She may have been trying to rewrite a silent agreement, and murder from Jaqen, to make Ned Stark the new target. This theory offers an explanation as to why the killer finds his way into the caravan, and the Night’s watch. If Ned had been pardoned, that was the plan, until the Man to disobey him), he would have had to cross the road with Jaqen on the way back to the River. Of course, things don’t turn out that way. A man ends up decapitating Ned, changing the course of history forever.

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Other theories

Another theory expands on this idea, but to suggest that Cersei and Jaime Lannister: (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) were the one who originally hired Jaqen to kill Ned, knowing that his nature is honest, and his closeness to Robert, they would interfere in his own plans.

Meanwhile, in another theory, it is speculated that Jaqen was actually in king’s landing for killing Syrio Forel (Miltos Yerolemou), and the master fencer and former First Sword of the Brave, who becomes the guardian of Arya StarkMaisie Williams).

With all this in mind, George R. R. Martin, you have the opportunity to explain the reason behind the presence of the Jaqen H ghar, in Porto, Realem of The Winds of Winter. At the least, it can rest all of the speculation. In addition to this, the arcs for Jaime Lannister, Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen may be fixed by the book.

The last appearance of Jaqen was in the The Feast of the Ravens. In the book, he greets Samwell Tarly (played by John Bradley-West the series as a Pate, a novice at the Citadel, where Samwell is currently hosted. What are his intentions and why he is there, it is not clear to you. But it’s the story of Jaqen is clearly far from over. But at the same time, the story of a man, is finally the answer to the question from the beginning.

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