There is a ‘Giant of African’ who stole the scene from the live-in Lady Gaga


Loic Venance/AFP
Burna Boy comes on to a cerimnia de premiao at the Brit Awards in London on the last day of the 18th of February
(photo: Loic Venance/AFP)

The “life of lives.” sponsored Lady Gaga and the NGO, Global Citizen, on Saturday last (18) to an audience on the scale planetriaOne world: together, at home, and has brought together a hundred or so of artists. But, in the specialat the time , attracted the eyes and ears, milhes de viewers.

The performance of Burna Boy, was the most sought-after in the Shazam app, which identifies the enjoy via play, according to the web site of the notcias AllHipHop. Those who have activated the feature for a brief time by the artist at the event found he sang all enjoy the African Giant, and, Hallelujah, some good representatives do repertrio afropop-filled voice inclassificveis this in nigeria 28-year-old.

The songs have been submitted so simple in the video, which has been in the air in-between the performance of superstar country music-Keith Urban and star latina Jennifer Lopez.

Although you may be new to many of the the people who accompanied him to the festival, Burna Boy appeared at the setting of the music at the beginning of the dcada in 2010 he called the attention to create a time enough improvvel in between, dance music, raggae, and afro-beat.

Even the hard disk of the premiereL. I. F. E – Living an impact for eternity (2013), has designed the worldthe single, Like to party, rolled in a previous year, it has proven to be the best card for the visits to the singer’s you could you have.

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With lyrics in English and sounds that is a lot of dialogue these days with the rap music made by artists from the United States, the pipe-in-brings you the l great new sounds in it and the accent with which Burna fit in all the words and phrases used in the instrumental.

In the five years the followinghe lanou two more on the user to select, On a spaceship (by 2015) and of Redemption (2016), and recorded with a wide variety of artists, forming some partnerships, the surprising, such as that of the met the band’s pop-punk Fall Out Boy.

On the fourth disc, the Outside (until 2018), it will he left taking a more local approach palatvel to the ears of the world, around the the first with R&B, and guest rapper J Hus, in a Sekkle down, and the the singer Lily Allen at Heaven’s gate”, the two even exchanged their partnership, and he’s recorded the music of Your choice, gift-in-lbum The shame (2018).

A FRIENDThe a lbum alcanou a place in the top 3 of the e-stop reggae in the Charts and earned her an invitation to Burna Boy will be performing at the the festival A friend is one of the most important in the world, which each year offers a check the artists very carefully s tendencies in the music.

After achieving fame in the world even in this world, to reduce and, many times, to Europe and to the United States, Burna Boy he returned s s s origins of and lanou, in the middle of 2019 at the latest, the critically acclaimed disc the African giant, containing awesome 19 tracks and guests such as Damien Marley, the rapper Future, and the the singer Jorja Smith. The work was nominated for the category of Best lbum Music The world the edio and 2020 for the Grammy Awards.

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“Any african who dreams, or has it hope by the people, or for himself, a giant in the making,” he said, close to the lanamento of the disk, to the maximum extent permitted by transform it into fenmeno able to represent sierra leone at an event the world.


Another artist that caught your attention for the One world, bound together at at at at at home, it was to the French of Christine and the Queens name-artistic monument adopted by Hlose Letissier, 31-year-old. A native of Nantes, it submitted in the pr-show of the event, along with all the songs from the People I’ve been sad, and Mountains (we met).

She took advantage of a your partio, to express solidarity, and the issue concerns the health of the mental da populao in a confined environment. She told me that it has been easy to deal with the quarantine in France, the j in his the fourth the week, and pointed out that, in one situated as this is, it is natural that the state of mind of the people will have a big impact.

Autodescrita as she freakpop, it came in the year 2013 is the EP Nuit 17 a 52. In the following year, he came to his critically praised disc premiere, Chaleur humaine, which is in 2016 to have won in a new verse, bringing the music Tilted, and he was followed by Chris ( 2018), and the latest lbum.

Once you have enjoy the present success in television as the show Girls (HBO), and the reality tv show RuPaul”s drag race, She was liberated in the February the past, the band’s La vita nuova, nailing from the time of its vocao pop perfectionthe term brother-in-law on the web, so if you simply enjoy it, in spite of the they belong to in the mainstream, they are able to meet the quality before the sec was it is possible to in the work of the great star.

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In this project, the artist will sing in English, françs, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, and holds a ” welcome to the duet with Caroline Polachek (ex-Chairlift), and take advantage to turn the canes into a nice short film done by the filmmaker, Colin is a Thistle. The job it has long been considered to be a revival of old Christine, something that is, at at at at at it here, it’s worth it keep up.