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Avengers: Ultimate has been marked by some of the scenes. One of them is the fight with Captain America, this is against the version from the year 2012 in The Avengers.

The two of them are located in the Tower of the Avengers. The Steve Rogers in the present, you know what’s going on, but in the past, do you think you’re fighting against Loki’s, which at the time was a bad guy.

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However, this scene is a detail of the touching. He would have noticed if it had not been shared by the stunt coordinator of the Upcoming Deadline, and Sam Hargrave.

Analog to Digital Spy, the trader told me that the scene is not entirely written by Chris Evans, the artist of the ‘Captain America’. There is even more to the fight.

The first revelation is that the real fight against Chris Evans in Avengers: Ultimatum’s Daniel Hargrave, the younger brother of Sam.

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However, the Sam has returned to work as a stunt double in the Avengers: Ultimatum. Thus, the portion of the scene from the Marvel comics, it has a stand-off between the brothers.

“It is for this reason that I’m using for the costume, to be able to say that that is the greatest film of them all). Marvel is great at it, there’s a lot of digital editing on their faces, and there are epic moments like this one where the brothers to Hargrave, are destroyed in the Avengers: Deadline, said:” the stunt coordinator.

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For Hargrave, working at the scene, “it was one of the great moments in” the Avengers: Ultimatum.

“The reason I did this is because these are the things you live for ever. You can count on for all of their children, their grandchildren, and that he was my brother and I fighting, and making all the moves,” said the trader.

At the moment, and Avengers: Ultimate is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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Already, Sam, Hargrave, makes his debut as a director in the movie Ransom, which has Chris Hemsworth, the “Thor” from the Avengers. The film will arrive on Netflix on April 24.