What a pity! Marvel is going to leave [SPOILER] after the Upcoming Deadline


During a recent viewing of the live-on-Instagram-of-Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi has discussed the upcoming sequel, ” Thor: the Love and the clap of Thunder, and brought it to the status of the physical Me. In the Stars: Ultimate, the god of the cross-country went through a difficult period.

Feeling depressed after not having held His, the title character of the Chris Hemsworth went back to eating too much and drinking too much, and he abandoned his responsibilities in relation to the New Asgard. Thus, it has been shown to be in excess of the weight, Hemsworth dressed in a costume and fat.

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Asked by a fan if “One “Thor” will return for” Thor: the Love and the clap of Thunder, Waititi said: “I Still haven’t found it, but I feel like it’s over.”

On the one hand, it makes sense that this representation is not continuous, since a few people have found the “One ” Thor” to the challenge. As for the movie, I had been dealing with the excess weight, and it seemed like a shame, especially since her weight gain, and depression, they have often been shown to generate laughs.

Others found it clever and funny, and believing that Hemsworth did a great job in the comics. It is divisive, and while it makes sense that Marvel considers appropriate for the God of Thunder returns to form for his next adventure, a solo, and there are also some great disappointment, especially since Waititi might do a great job with the “One Thor”.

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The managing director of New Zealand has shown that he is a filmmaker and a very diverse, working in independent films and mega blockbusters. Repeatedly, he has shown his brilliance as a humorist, because of his films with a budget of a more modest show of the scenes are hilarious.

Waititi could have something to do with “One I” it would a laugh to be genuine, as well as an exploration of the character.

There is a substantial untapped potential for the “One “Thor” in” Thor: the Love and the clap of Thunder, maybe a subplot of the movie involves Thor fighting with and who he has become. In previous films, such as the Boy and Jojo the Rabbit, Watiti explored the narratives of the age of majority, where the characters learn about who they really are.

Even though I Love and a clap of Thunder, it may not be a traditional film, the experience of Waititi with the bow, it shows the characters going through a process of maturity, you can link to a story about Me trying to once again be the I the classic and powerful, but not realizing that you are worthy regardless.

While some may see the portrayal of “the Dude “Thor”,” how to be offensive, it can also be used for a purpose in Avengers: Ultimatum. The state of the character, it was not meant to offend overweight people, but it’s used to highlight just how far away I was.

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You see, one of the heroes of the most powerful in the MCU is physically transformed as a result of his failure to do so is not only a shock, but it is also one of the layers, which adds to the personality of the film.

It also adds a large weight, because the film starts off so dark, after the events of Avengers: Infinite War. The “Bro Me” make the weather while it’s still says the plight of the hero.

However, in that respect, maybe the film will be enough for “One Thor”.

It is true that Waititi did not say that it is the “One I” it would not take part in the film, but if it were to appear, it would only be briefly, and with a little bit of the “Bro Me” can go a long way to go. An opening in the style of the 80’s, with a montage showing Me getting back to the way it would be a great start for Me: to Love, and Thunder.

Could you include Me driving round in the New Asgard, giving the audience an insight into the city. In a scene that is so cheerful, it would be ideal to just before the history you enter in a major conflict.

The “One Thor” is a concept with the potential to expand, but it is unwise for Me to return back to their original physical after the loss of His. It would have been fun to watch Waititi developed the “One ” Thor”, but the fans should not have to worry about Me, Love and Thunder, in terms of humor, action, and madness.

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The “Bro Me” he has served his purpose in the Stars: Ultimate, and his fans can be happy with that while waiting for the next iteration of Waititi’s God of Thunder.

Written and directed by Taika Waititi, I Love, and the Thunder brings you Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tessa Thompson (as a Valkyrie, and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. The film arrives in theaters on the 8th of February in the year 2022.