Who is the queen of skincare, Kylie Jenner is photographed at the Beverly Hills completely make-up – Notes – Glamurama


Effects at two points in time: one with and one without makeup || Credits: Play

The owner of an empire of cosmetics, which stands out mainly by the product of make-up, Kylie Jenner has been clicked by the paparazzi on the last Sunday roaming the streets of Beverly Hills with a look at all the makeup-free. The billion dollar self-made, the youngest on the story, went to the gas station there was a pivot just to get some food, and bebidinhas, such as potato chips, and yogurt.

The owner of the Performing Crafts, 22-year-old went under the radar, because in addition to being you who you are, it also wore a set of pants and a sweatshirt by Amiri more than$ 1.5 billion ($8 billion). The newest member of the clan Jenner/Kardashian rarely gets to be seen without make-up, despite the fact that lately she has been doing and post their Stories on Instagram in which it appears your hair is natural, no appliqués. (For The Anderson’s Market)

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