Who will be the new leader of the Avengers after the Deadline? See you!


The avengers: Deadline marked the end of an era, of a decade or so of the MCU, with deaths, new alliances and a broader universe for his characters to handle. Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) he’s dead, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is an old man, and even the common people have to deal with the underlying social structure, which is caused by the popping-up of His.

After the Upcoming Deadline, and the Like, at least on paper, are still in existence, and the world needs them, but there’s a lot of cleaning up in the emotional and organisational restructuring to be done.

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If people Like you continue to will need to have new leadership. It will take some time until we are able to see the spread, full of new dangers within the MCU, but we can certainly anticipate that it will be the largest, most sophisticated and most complicated.

Using it in the past, the canon of the movies and the comics as a guide, let’s look at who might be best qualified to lead the next generation of Stars.

Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), the all-new Captain America, it’s the most obvious choice to rise to a position of leadership. Captain America has led the first-team, so why not the second?

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It would be perfectly logical, but, given the few details of the story that is circulating on the Internet, no one knows for sure what the new title for Sam means to him, in their series of action-adventure, the Falcon, and the Soldier in the Winter. The title itself focuses on the identity previously established, of the Sam, and there’s been a lot of rumors that he (at least initially) rejects to take over the mantle of Captain America, as a part of the plot of the first season.

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Without a doubt, it is an expression of the utmost humility, as he says, he will do everything that Steve does, just slower, because Sam has a lot of qualifications for leadership based on his experience in the military. Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) was also in the military, and also served as Captain America in the comic books, but because of the rest of your life’s experiences, it is fair to say that it probably has a downside as well as the negative and serve as a leader.

Steve gave Sam a shield, because he honors that humility will also see its capacity to take on new challenges. Just because it is not infused with the serum of the super soldier did not mean that he cannot delegate, to negotiate, and to encourage; people Like us would be able to use this kind of presence is critical in leadership.

Tony had the ego of, Steve, I had the existential angst. Sam didn’t have any of that.

On the other side of the coin whether or not Sam’s, Wilson’s and Carol Danvers (Brie Larson). It is, on the other hand, it is very powerful and also has lots of qualifications in the military are similar to those of Sam’s, both of which are former Air Force.

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The course is an important factor for both of them, but more so for Carol, with all of this is the ability to gather cosmic energy, and as pure as if it were a sun in the image. On his journeys through the universe, it also gave him a sense of perspective is much greater than that of most heroes, and quite frankly, people Like you are well past the point of focusing just on Earth.

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Carol, you are in a unique position to understand all of these questions and many more.

But then there is also the problem, until the Upcoming Deadline, and the priority of the Carol seems to be acting independently, doing what they can with the freedom to move from point to point. This freedom also relieve you of having to worry about the safety and security of the people, and it is interesting to note that she was fully willing to take orders from Steve, and Natasha during the interval of five years between the Avengers: Infinite War, and Avengers: Ultimate.

Given the multitude of characters and arcs, which are prioritized in the Upcoming Deadline, we don’t know who Carol really is planning to be; we imagine that it is something that you would have to change significantly for her that she wanted to take on more of a leadership role. Time will tell.

A few heroes are more experienced than Janet Van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Hank Pym (Michael Douglas). They are the co-founders of the Avengers in the comic books, and manage the organization on their own.

In regards to the MCU, and now that is Not to be returned back to the Kingdom, Large upon a Man-the Ant and the Wasp, one or both of the chair’s leadership, it is not entirely unrealistic. Because the threats are likely to continue to come from sources in other dimensions and that they are qualified to assess these threats and to counter them with the help of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), who is far from being a leader.

Commission and/or the Need to be the excellent substitute for Tony Stark (and, to a lesser extent, Bruce Banner) in the department of technology. More exciting is the fact that Tony has transferred control of to his GOING to Peter Parker (Tom Holland), in Spider-Man: Far away from Home, it would be a hard job to do, which is the Head of Web, to fulfill a role of leadership yourself, with a 16-year-old.

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The Avengers and the West Coast may be the wave of the future, that is, Hank, Janet, Scott, and Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), yet they are all living there. In addition, the T-Challa (Chadwick Boseman) has expressed interest in developing outreach programs to Wakanda at the conclusion of the Black Panther.

All of these latest additions to the MCU that gives you tips of what may happen in the future. It is no coincidence that convenient?

Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) it’s a fabulous, mystical, and has an ego that matches that of Tony Stark. Like Carol, he will receive credit for all of this is the ability to bend time and space.

When a current description of your work, that is, “defender of the Earth from the threats of magic and other dimensions, it’s basically just a half-step to be the leader of the Avengers.

The qualifications of leadership? To become a surgeon in trauma and means that he can delegate with the best, and look at all kinds of scenarios in real-time, but it does need a little bit of popularity, like Tony and Steve.

Doctor Strange didn’t lead the Avengers in the comics, but he’s got his own legion called the Illuminati, which is also Stark, along with several other powerful personages, such as Teacher (X) as a member of the old one. While Doctor Strange, in the Reign of Madness is getting ready to go into production, and fans have speculated that the Illuminati will come together in some way to the inside of the MCU, so maybe Strange has his own special task force to take the lead in the next few years.