With the “Friends” series and HBO’s, HBO’s Max will debut in the U.S. on may 27


Along with the book, and the launch of HBO Go, the streaming service will also have a 10-thousand-hours of programming from Warner such as The Big Bang Theory

Warner home video announced that on Tuesday, the 21st, which is in the service of the streaming video HBO’s Max it will go on the air in the The United States the next day, the 27th of may. Along with the book, and the launch of the HBO Go streaming service from the station to the american one, the new platform is also going to hold a 10-a thousand hours of programming already produced by Warner bros., which is responsible for shows such as “Friends” and ” The Big Bang Theory.

Initially, the service will be available for a monthly subscription fee of$ 15, which includes new tv shows and movies are produced by Warner bros. directly for the service. The platform is the bet for Warner to win in the market of streaming media, which is increasingly at a premium.

In the last week, it came to the market in the u.s., the Peacock of NBC Universal. By the end of 2019 at the latest, it was the turn of Apple (with the Apple TV and Disney (with Disney and a+) to enter the contest. All the behind-the-domain-of-Netflix-in this market, with 167 million subscribers globally.

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The dispute also involves the participation of the Amazon, the Prime Video, Hulu, and, in Brazil, in the Globoplay, streaming service in the world.

The expectation was to use the episode of the meeting of the Friends to entice subscribers, but it’s a pandemic of the new coronavirus has prevented the special was recorded – so it is left to the book of the 236 episodes of the series for fans to follow.

In addition, the full range of CHANNELS and new features such as the series of comedy, Love, Life, and featuring Anna Kendrick, or a talk show, with Elmo, the sweet, the main character of Sesame street.