Wolverine and the X-Men to animate the movie on TV this Thursday


In the movies, on TV, on Thursday (23) and are filled with enemies. To begin with X-men: Phoenix-black / Blackthat will be shown at 18: 20 along at the Movies the Popcorn.

The long account once again, the classic story of the transformation of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) in the entity, the Phoenix. The Teacher He IsJames Mcavoyand his team of mutants (you also have to deal with an alien threat.

For anyone who is a fan of the characters of Marvel comics, you can also check out one of the most famous representatives of the Force in the To. The film will be on screens from the Fox, at 22: 30.

The plot shows the former member of the X-Men are played by Hugh Jackman with age and worn from a life of violence. However, everything changes with the appearance of a new mutant who has the same powers as him.

Here are some other highlights from this Thursday:

In the Afternoon session and a laugh

For those who want all the fun on the right, you can’t miss a Session in the Afternoon, the Globo TV network, today An Uncle, A Near-Perfect. The feature of the national is going to air at 14h56.

Played by comedian Marcus Majella (They Will Be Glue Of 2 – In The Beginningit ), the film concentrates on a trambiqueiro after being evicted from the house goes to his sister’s home. He needs to spend some time with his nieces and nephews, and the surrender of high season.

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The play is also guaranteed in the A Low Blowthat is part of the program of 20 hours of HBO Plus. In the story, Adam Sandler he interprets Paul’s Crew, a former player, best known for losing a game on purpose, they just arrested after driving under the influence of alcohol. So as not to have his sentence increased, and he finds the challenge of coaching a team of inmates to play football against their guards.

Plots are on a romantic getaway

The novel is also present in the telinhas the estate, with two productions: I Call Him By His Name and “Larry Crowne – O Amor Is Back. The first feature film to be shown in the Movies Touch at 17h20, and the second at the Max, Up to, at 19h15.

The history of the I Call Him By His Name it is based on a novel by Andre Aciman. The plot shows the body of a teenage girl 17-year-old, and is a researcher at the older; the latter, which will travel to the location where the young to help his father at work.

It already “Larry Crowne – O Amor Is Back it looks a lot more comical, but it does bring a lot of passion for the middle of a shop keeper who returns to the university and to the teacher. The cast is headed by the Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

Animated films

The animation, the animation will quite literally, and also in the perception of the two films: Zootopia – The-City-Is-The Beast and Toy Story 2. The first one will be shown on TNT at 17h55, and the second one on the Disney Channel at 20: 30.

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In the wake of the franchise’s classic toys, Buzz (Tim Allen) and the toys must rescue Woody (Tom Hanks), who has been kidnapped by a trader who wishes to make an auction system in Japan.

The other long one, full of talking animals, and a rabbit cop arrives to the city of the title, so excited to do her service, but finds several of the finer points on the site.

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