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Wonder Woman 1984 it was more of a victim of the pandemic of the coronavirus. At its premiere, before it is marked for June, has been postponed to the month of August. In spite of this, the film has already received its esrb rating.

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The BPM (via Comic Book Movie) has classified the film as PG-13, which is equivalent to the statement for more than 12 years ago in Brazil, for the account of the sequences of the the action and violenceas for the administration, which is working with the age ratings for films, explained in the announcement.

Such a statement is not really a surprise, except for the fact that it ended up being announced a little earlier, on account of the postponement of the film. The biggest questions, though, remain about the practicality of the first edition of the long running, precisely considering the situation of the coronavirus. Rumors suggest that the launch of the platform HBO’s Maxthere is a possibility that the film be released in digital form. At the moment, the Warner bros. it denies all the rumors.

Wonder Woman 1984 it has a premiere date in August 2020, starring Gal Gadot in the lead role.

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