A billionaire, played by Leonardo DiCaprio had a car to test for the virus for the past 66 years ago, THE SPORT


The Buick Roadmaster (Photo: Handout)

Elon Musk this is an example of a billionaire eccentric. However, close to the “You Don’tthe executive is in south africa, it’s almost understated. As interpreted by the Leonardo DiCaprio in movie The Aviator (2004)the multi-billionaire, he was a peculiar figure in the course of his 70 years of age (1905-1976).

Even though the film With on the side of the aircraft and the love of entrepreneur, the work has also opened up space for her disorders. One of them, to the jail, forced it even. Anything that is required to car a very special one. But let’s step back a bit, to tell you the story
the character is worthy of a piece of fiction.

It would be impossible to condense into a single movie, even if it has 2 hours and 50 minutes long.. I’ve had a life rich in emotions. The heir to in a rich, almost endless, and the a billion-dollar he started his professional career as the director of the film, the company built the largest aircraft in the worldbecame the record-holder for speed, at the aircraft, the romantic couple of the actors on stage, all in order to end up as a recluse.

The Buick Roadmaster (Photo: Handout)

In the course of the last 20 years of his life were also marked by the events depicted, in part, by a film by martin Scorsese. In the jail house and hotel in Los Angeles, it was just one of the factors to be considered abnormal. I’d watch films of his, did not take a bath or cut their nails. On top of that, I just stayed naked the whole time, in addition to storing your own urine in jars.

Isolated from the world, the billionaire has also spent time in jail in Las Vegas, a city that practically has helped to create. So if you move around its the most I have ordered a Chrysler New Yorker with the same technology used in the air filter used in your Buick Roadmaster 1953used to his rare trips to Los Angeles.

At the time, he was staying for more than a year hotel in Beverly Hillswhere have you spent most of the The US$ 10 million. expenses only for this period.

The Buick Roadmaster (Photo: Handout)

Even though they are both cars they were the limos for their time, and none of them had the level of isolation required for I. He had to install a complex system for the purification of the air in the saloon of the north-american.

The system was able to suck in the outside air and purify it through a filter. It was efficient for bacteria and other risks, including viruses that are spread through the air. Will it hold up to the virus to be the cause of the Covid-19? Hard to vouch for.

Interestingly, there was no partition between the back seat and the driver. But, extra care has been taken to be: with the exception of the driver’s window, all other glass was sealed at the factory. As might be expected, the engine took almost the whole of the trunk lid of the sedans. It is worth noting that the tebcnologia it is very rare, even among luxury cars of today.

Chrysler And New York City (Photo: Handout)

The the cost it would have been impossible, and those systems that cost more than the car in which they were installed. In addition to this, changes have been made to the extensive to in electric: 24 volt, six batteries, a filter for the air consumed power voraciously.

Compared to other cars of the period, and the Roadmaster the building had a good performance on Your engine V8 5.2 to deliver 191 hp and 41.5 for the wasnumbers that are compatible with the times. However, the results were considered to be slow for the current parameter. It was about Just 14 seconds from zero to 100 km/h,. Even so, as fast as the Chrysler the Las Vegas strip.

How to Chryslerthe engine V8 5.4 was not exactly the performance of the hot rod. They were the only The 182 hp of power and 43.1 per was in of torque. The same is equipped with a automatic transmission the four-speed, is a luxury, so the car would be zero-to-100 km/h in 15 s on and barely passed 150 km/h.

Chrysler And New York City (Photo: Handout)

Just Imagine with the extra weight. So much for the Roadmaster as for the The New Yorker they weigh almost The 2-ton in practice. Information indicating that the purification system can be added to almost 500 kilograms (kg). We figured that the face was not quite looking forward to it.

Since it was very short, it Was not very long in the car. The Old it has 8.862 the miles on the odometer – bit more 14 a thousand miles. That is used the most in the city, and the Chrysler it rolled just At 2,800 miles. Almost half-new, but not really to the party.

After spending years in a barn belonging to it Was, the car was put up for auction. The most desirable of the Roadmaster it was bought for US$ 1,65 millionthe equivalent at the exchange end of the day R$ 8,7 billion. It was the highest price paid for a Old. Already The New Yorker hit To US$ 126.500the corresponding one of the Of R$ 672 thousand,.

Protection of the executive

With the advancement in technology, cars are the proof that the virus has become more accessible to the 99% of the population is not a billion dollar or command of any power in the world.

Before that, only the vehicles in the presidential, as The “Beast” is used by Donald Trump, the real life of Vladimir Putin, or armor made-to-measure offering up barriers of bacteriological and chemical attacks from outside. In these vehicles, and even tanks of compressed air to improve the protection of the driver and passengers.

That began to change when Tesla launched the Model X, one of the first cars that come with a HEPA filter from the time series. This filter provides extra protection against the elements, and, in the case of the SUV’s electric, it’s capable of up to a spread for the new coronavirus.