A new COMIC from Marvel comics has a mutant as powerful as the Scarlet Witch


The New Mutants (Non-Marvel Comics)

Attention! The Material contains Spoilers!

In the latest edition of the The New Mutants we introduced a new mutation that can compete with the powers of the Scarlet Witch, who is considered one of the characters of the most powerful in the Marvel universe. The new mutant is named Natashia Repina, and has the last name of Tashi, a girl of 13 years who has the ability to change reality, but change your own physiology and create a life by both plants and animals. (via Comic Book)

In the magazine, the New Mutants #9, the group of men is going to Carnelia, and that was the gateway to Krakoa to close. They find that it is a sexual one, hidden away in an abandoned building, which is surrounded by armed soldiers who are afraid to get on the site. The super-heroes, then storm the building and get in front of Tashi, they have to see it floating around in one big blob. Soon, a powerful mutant uses his powers and defeats easily to the area, the Chamber and the Magma.

Further, there is a lot more to discover about Tashi in the future, even if all the heroes will be able to take it out for a Krakoa, and becomes a new ally for the X-Men.

The New Mutants #9 (Non-Marvel Comics)
The New Mutants #9 (Non-Marvel Comics)

The New Mutants were created by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod, and debuted in 1982, the Graphic Novel, Marvel comics #4, and the group turned to several times in the course of time, being re-released in the rest of X-Force, and then in the New X-Men: Academy X. The team is made up of Rocket, sunspot, Lupina, Karma, Mirage, Magma, Magic, Cipher, Warlock, Gosamyr, Rictor, Diamond, and Packaging.

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So, this year, was scheduled to arrive in theaters, a film based on the New Mutants. The short film has gone through several problems and delays until it is completed, the premiere was delayed because of the Pandemic of the Coronavirus. The film depicts a group of young people isolated in institutions, where they begin to be terrorized by their own power. The cast counts with Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry in the Back, and Blu and Hunt for the direction of Josh Boone.

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