A stunt man in the spider-man reveals a curious detail in a scene in Avengers: Ultimatum


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The stunt coordinator of the Upcoming Deadline, Sam Hargravetold a curious detail about one of the scenes most memorable in the film, Marvel’s the battle of the Captain America against me in the past.

In the film, Steve Rogers find yourself on the events of the Battle of New York The Avengers. Because I think it is a fraud, a hero of the past, is facing a double fight in a face-to-face.

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While promoting his new film in the Series, The Extraction, Hargrave told the Digital Spy after that, he worked as a stunt double for Chris Evans in ‘ Captain America: The Soldier Wintry weather, he has had the opportunity to wear the dress again and again. However, this time, he was able to assastar his brother, Daniel, Hargrave, to the double of the hero.

“The Marvel universe is really great at it. There are a lot of replacements, a digital face, and there are too many epic moments in it, in fact, they are the brothers of Hargrave fighting in Avengers: Ultimatum. And that’s what I did, because this stuff lives on forever. I’m going to be able to tell my children, my grandchildren, and it was me and my brother fighting in that movie”said Hargrave, who is proud.


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