After the purchase, Dua Lipa, Manu, Gavassi to be when you play the “Rare” from Selena Gomez at the celebration of the WEEK 20: the “always ask”


The party is this Wednesday (the 22nd) at WEEK 20 was full of surprises for the Manu Gavassi! After you get a video surprise for Your Lipa singing “Don’t Start Now,” her anthem to the issue, and she flipped out for another reason: he touched it “Rare” from Selena Gomez.

Manu explained that he asked for this song, from the very beginning, but I never played it. It should be noted that “Rare” was released in January, just a few days prior to the participant being confined to a hotel. This is a testament of how much she is turned on in the pop world!

All excited, the Maintenance took a spoon and pretended to be in the mood for singing and dancing! See the following:

Manu deserve to these blandishments, it’s not the same thing? And to all the fans for a pop as well! More to come!

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