Angelina Jolie and the quest to keep the school and the children in the house


Tal, like most people, you too, Angelina Diamond is in-home quarantine, and in the company of their six children – Maddox, 18 years old, and People16, Zaharaof 15, in the Shiloh, 13, and twin 11-year-old Knox and Vivienne.

In the âheshe spoke of the ongoing challenge, both for the children as for the parents, and the education to take place in the home.

“We’re trapped, we’re fine… The two things that affect the children are, in my opinion, that is the most out-of-school is, of course, is the “education” and “educational issues”said in an interview with Time magazine.

“I do not know who the parents are from all over the country are faced with the education in the home, and this may be more of a challenge for them than it is for the kids,” he said.

Remember that during the isolation of the children from the Diamond they have maintained a close connection with the father, Brad Pitt.

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