Angelina Jolie struggles with the children in quarantine.


Angelina Jolie is once again shown on the side of “people like us”. At this time, on the day of the Malevolent comments on the vault of coronavirus (COVID-19) with their children at home.

The star, of course he loves being with the family. However, Angelina Jolie is not immune from a situation that is reflected in the scenario that a lot of parents from around the world.

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The Hollywood actress will be responsible for the supervision of the classroom to the children. The famous tell the Team that this is the most difficult of years.

“We’re trapped, we’re fine. The two things that will affect your children, in my opinion, that is the most out-of-school is, of course, is the “education” and ” educational issues,” said Angelina Jolie.

To be a star, “the challenge is more for the parents than for the kids.

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In general, however, Angelina Jolie believes that the world is dealing with bigger issues.

“But it’s the lack of food that affects 11 million children, severe food insecurity, and violence, and domestic abuse. We know that domestic violence is on the rise in all over the world. Therefore, the inside of your home can be the most dangerous for a lot of people. We should never have children, most vulnerable people in the world. We should never be in this state,” he took out of the show.

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So, Angelina Jolie is a “time for action”. The star is expected to have the world go through a transformation.

Angelina Jolie did not comment on what appears to be a good one for the family. The Hollywood Life reported that the quarantine is closer to Brad Pitt, and their children.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got together in 2005, and the end of 2016. Together they had six children.

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Ever since the divorce rumors were that Brad Pitt was running away from the children. But, now, they, too, would be spending quality time with his father.

“They are going through a very good time with the Pitt, on the fact that there is a lot of time, because all of them are in the house,” he says of the vehicle. (see more here).

The couple’s children are Maddox, 18 years of age; Persons 15 years old; Zahara, aged 14; Shiloh, 13 years old, and twins Vivienne and Knox, up to 11 years of age.

Angelina is back in the theatres, The Eternal, the Chief, and in February of 2021. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt has not announced the next one for him.