Anyway… Boyfriends of Demi Lovato isn’t ready to say ‘yes’to any


Theo’s fans Rt Lovato they were in the bliss with the recent news that the boyfriend of the singer, Max, Ehrichhad it in mind to ask her in marriage, and as soon as the the pandemic the Covid-19 were over and life was back to normal. But in the end, it seems that the ascent to the altar is not going to be so soon.

The new sources that contradicts this information, stating that the couple is not yet ready to take this one step further, since the relationship is only a few months old.

“The rumors that the marriage is fake. It is still too early,” he said. However, the same source points out that Max is really in love with Rt and the couple is living together, it is the purpose of a measure of social isolation.

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