(B) Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard will not be charged the rental in April


Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepard are supporting the economy during that turbulent period referred to as the coronavirus. The couple has decided to give to the tenants of its properties in Los Angeles for a month without having to pay the month’s rent.

According to us website TMZ, the actors are told all the tenants that you do not need to pay the rent for April, because a lot of them are not working, as in California, it is under the order of ‘stay at home’.

The manager of the Pringus Property LLC, a company with Kristen and Dax, who have at least two high-rise residential, according to my information, he sent an e-mail to the tenants, to share the good news, expressing empathy and care, and he promised to work with the people in the best way possible.

Kristen Bell won the award is important as a woman’s awe-inspiring

While on the staff of the World Health Organization (WHO) advises people to practice social distancing, and staying home in an attempt to prevent the spread of the COVID-a 19-many of the landowners have been evicting tenants in the midst of the continued spread of the disease.

The tribute at the awards ceremony

For the 25th edition of the Critic”s Choice Awards, which honors the best productions in film and television, Kristen Bell was one of the honorees of the evening.

The actress took the award to See Her, which is awarded to inspiring women in Hollywood, to break the stereotypes and deliver an authentic portrait of women in entertainment.

Kristen Bell was so happy and surprised to receive the trophy, and got to play on it was a mistake announcing it as the winner.

Kristen Bell is still facing a battle for mental health

“I’m going to be standing here, holding it up to someone else to tell me that it belongs to someone else,” she said, chuckling. After that, he made a heartfelt speech about being a woman, and made you reflect on your career.

“For me, being a woman, it’s not about being brave, or strong, or powerful. It’s not about being anything in particular. It’s about whether you allow yourself to be all that you’re really. That seems easy enough, but it’s not. Because women have always been conditioned to fit into ‘boxes’, a young, beautiful, and brilliant. So, for me, is the idea that a woman is someone who will destroy this little box is perfect and takes responsibility for its own complexity,” said Kristen Bell, who claimed to be a very lucky girl to be able to interpret so many of the women are complex in the theater and on television.

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