But Thunberg, human beings are dying, and where are you from?


But, where are you now? Où es-tu maintenant?

But, where are you now, in this time of calamity that strikes Mankind?

You have both appeared before the world in defense of the preservation of the environment and our planet, and the lives of the animals, the flora, the fauna, and the whole world listened and applauded and cheered.

Do you, a young environmental activist who faced the rulers of the mighty ones, who has the personality of 2019 at the latest from the journal on the american Team.

You, who have spoken in 74 the General Assembly of the United Nations… it Appears, Actually.

But his voice, his gestures, his simplicity, his inspiration, and the courage to express solidarity with the Humans of this planet.

The family of Human beings that have died and the tens of thousands and millions of Human beings who are still going to die.

It appears, also, to hold the government to account on the China’s gross negligence, so serious that it reaches the limit of the intentional, conscious of intent and purpose to allow for the existence of that market for the animals, the living and the dead, the market is stinking, filthy, in the city of xi’an, where is this coronavirus, version, 2019/2020, if you created it, and from there it spread all over the world.

It appears to be responsible for the chinese rulers to hide to the world, and for a lengthy period of time, and the danger that they knew to be there. For the encobertamento from the truth. Because they have found a brave doctor-an ophthalmologist of chinese who have denounced the existence of, and circulation of, in China, this deadly virus and for this reason he was arrested. And when he was released, he died, infected with the virus.

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It Appears, Actually. It appears, because on the Ground it stopped. The world came to a halt.

The Rome Statute had in his hand, to appear to the world, and it requires that the office of the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Rome Statute has created, to put in place a process to investigate and determine the responsibility of the authorities of the people’s Republic of China, because of the terrible pandemic that robs them of health and life of Humans on this planet.

It does not matter that China has acceded to the Rome Statute. In International Law, the comezinho logical reasoning and legal, the refusal is of no value. It is non-existent. Does not have the effect of law.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is an organ of the united Nations (Un) body to which China is a founding member in 1945.

As soon as, Actually, China has no power to refuse jurisdiction in a court of law, an international organization of which she is a co-founder of what has come to be established later, in 1998, and it has a permanent headquarters in the Hague, the Netherlands.

It Appears, Actually. Demand that the chinese government is not for sale, but to make a donation to all the Nations of the equipment (masks, respirators, and all of the aparelhamentos required to come to the aid of the victims all over the world.

China will send its doctors to take care of the people from all countries.

That is the people’s Republic of China and its government, subject to the principle of due process of law, right to defense, are to be imposed on convictions in criminal and civil cases, and these are consistent on the imperative duty to indemnify the people and the States have been achieved. Thereupon, in order to decide upon the punishment to which the ICC is to understand, appropriate, and fair manner.

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It Appears, Actually.

The Use of the social network in sweden and abroad. Hold a meeting with the press from all over the world to listen to it.

Today, But the technology allows all of this to be possible.

Even without the help of you to get out of the house.

At his call, obey his voice, they all meet, they all hear it.