Camila Cabello shows a preoccupation with Shawn Mendes and the fire, “do you want to have autocompaixão”


In the present day, unfortunately, we have become accustomed to self-criticism. In a way, we demand a lot from us. Now, imagine being on a stage, performing for more than 25 million people. Have you ever imagined the pressure?

On the morning of Friday, the 27th, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello took the other live to entertain the fans. During the meeting, they talked about a variety of topics, and self-pity.

The canadian came to talk to the fans that he was going through a hard time, and She was the first to show you support and asked him to practice self-compassion. The fans, of course, fell in love with the attitude of a singer, and you can see how they are good for each other.

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The two of you are going to quarantine, side-by-side, and for the first time, have shared many moments with the fans. Yesterday, the 26th, She posted a picture of a guitar, and wrote the following: “We are teaching them to do it here, and I’m teaching Spanish to them.” Time to fight back.

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