Cara Delevingne gives workshops on yoga, online and in real time (all free)


Cara Delevingne gives workshops on yoga, online and in real time (all free)

The opportunity to take part in the Puma, which is a player in the game, with the help of a therapist.

The first session happened on the 12th of April.

You can start to make plans for the next few Sundays at home, of course. It is that model and actress Cara Delevingne, 27-year-old, that is to take advantage of your account of Instagram to help you the most of the 44.5 million of his followers to relax at home. It’s A simple formula: the workshops begin.

The sessions will take place over the next three Sundays — 19 April, 26 April and 3 may, at 18 hours (local time in the Uk), live at the social networking sites, and also on account of Instagram’s, Puma, a brand of which she is an ambassador and to be part of this initiative.

One of his Face-it’s the yoga that has made an impact as a positive in her life, she decided to encourage everyone to keep a time to work on his or her mind, body, and soul, so that it can be #StrongerTogether” explains the company.

To give impetus to the workshops, yoga, and meditation, she is going to have to have help from a therapist, sport, Colin Dunsmuir.

The goal is for the expert to transmit the knowledge and to provide the viewers with the key tools to implement in their own lives.”

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