Check it out, as it was the first performance of the song in the game


Travis, Scott, giant, music, new, amazing visual effects and more were all part of this, but the presentation of the song on Fortnite.

The much-anticipated first show with Travis Scott at the Fortnite finally, it came to pass in the night. The great event – “Astronomical” in the hip hop music in the game, which included the launch of a skin, especially for Him, each and much, much more, has generated great expectations in the fans who were waiting to see how the artist’s view, would be demonstrated by the performance in the map of the game.

In the article, it happened a few more times over the next few days, it’s a virtual version of Him appeared a giant in the scouring and intended for performance, and with the help of the amazing visual effects, the rapper presented his greatest hits, plus one new song. The track, called “The Scotts”, with the participation of both Kid Cudi and will be released later in the evening. The fans were able to see Him in all sorts of places, with portions of the event, going under water and even in space, when the dream seemed to take a tiny planet. There can be no doubt that the event was a huge success, which led to high praise for the Epic Games from this project.

The mega event will be held until the 25th of April and was billed as “a musical journey unique to Him, Scott, and the Astronomical that is the experience of another world, inspired by the designs from Cactus Jack’s, and then re-created on Fortnite.” The artist has prepared an exclusive show, which is accessible from any device (PS4, XBOX, smart phones, PCs, Etc.).

Take a look at the video presentation of the epic of Travis Scott’s article, including the publication of the full-scale performance.

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