Chris Evans ‘ work in the case of a homicide where the son becomes the suspect in a new series


“Defending Jacob” is the number that a lawyer has a son convicted of murder

Chris Evans in the lead roles, this is a new venture of the Apple TV+. The first three episodes are already available to you.

Is Jacob guilty or not guilty?

A couple of state of the commonwealth of Massachusetts in the USA, and his son, 14-year-old Jacob, living the american dream. Andy Barber, his father, is a lawyer who works for the attorney general’s office. Called in for a case of murder, things start to become too personal when the victim is a member of the class of your child.

What Andy didn’t expect is that the research is about to become even more close, when Jacob goes on to be accused of murder and becomes the prime suspect. This is the premise of “Defending Jacob”, a new series of Apple+ TV, a streaming platform from Apple, which is currently available in the Uk.

The production, which opened on Friday, the 24th of April, and already has the first three episodes are available (for a total of eight) in the service of the internet.

The plot will be thickening more and more, the circus of the media to create the back of the family’s your home, after it, Jacob is being held, and that the mother is the first one to flinch at the idea of the innocence of the young man, who assures to not have committed the crime.

In addition to the various evidence, it is the grandfather of the suspect, who is jailed for murder, bringing to the public’s attention to the question of whether the adolescents have gone through the same path as his grandfather and father — a man who says to Andy: “Can you be a good man or you can be a good father.”

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The series is an adaptation of the book, “Defending Jacob, published in 2012 and written by William Landay. The adaptation was entrusted to screenwriter Mark Bomback and director Morten Tyldum.

The father, Jacob, Andy, is played by Chris Evans; her mother, Laurie, Michelle Dockery; ‘jaeden, Martell’s is of Him.” “I’m fascinated by people who are able to deal with the guilt and shame in a different way. I think that some of the people who have experienced trauma in childhood, they learn from early on how to develop a whole-of-interest that allows them to target their feelings of guilt. Andy is one of those people, and as a result, it has become more unstable, and all of a sudden, you are faced with a situation where all the blame has to be desenterrada-of-way, much of the public,” said the actor, Chris Evans, in an interview with “USA Today”.