Chris Hemsworth, the ‘Thor,’ talks about his new movie ‘the Ransom’


Chris Hemsworth, Thor, is Australian, and Sam Hargrave in the Los Angeles area. On Tuesday, the 21st, for the Sign was a meeting room, making a connection with a triangular, so that they might be able to talk exclusively with the The state on the phone. Shortly before that, another room that met that year, and the Russo Brothers. Joe and Anthony are the current kings of Hollywood, then you The Avengers – Ultimate has become the highest-grossing of all time. The Russians produce, and Joe wrote the script for The rescuelonger than the platform it releases on their streaming as of this Friday, the 24th. It’s action like you’ve never seen it.

Sam goes to is his first, Chris is a star. They met on the set of the Marvel comics, where Sam and dublava the Captain America/Chris Evans in this film the most dangerous, and after that, he became an expert in on the action. Joe wrote, many years ago, this is the road map. What is a soldier of fortune hired to rescue the son of a chief, kidnapped by the main opponent of his father, while he is in jail. The biggest drug lord of India, against the biggest of the country. It starts on a bridge in the middle of lots of explosions. Turn the flash back, and retracing the path to get there.

“When I read the story, it’s still going on in Latin America. I was very impressed. The burden of the action, it was something that I thought I was capable of doing. I have developed an intense camaraderie with Chris, it’s in the set that we participated in. I told him about the Extraction (original title). We began to figure out how to make the film together.”

Chris: “there’s Always been a lot of action in the Iin the The avengersbut never have the physicality of the movie. Tyler is a troubled soul. Right away, he is haunted by images of the past, you can only win the way to the end. The dual question is to Sam, it was how to tell this story, in this drama, a man who barely speaks, but carries a pain, and I was uncertain about how to interpret it? How to turn a physical action is tremendous in the window, for something more intimate?”.

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Right at the beginning, it’s a leap from a cliff, and isolates itself at the bottom of the sea. At the end, the boy is in the swimming pool, climbs on the trampoline, and will also jump into the water. Isolated at the bottom. The sound of silence. The two scenes that contrast with one another? “It’s good that you noticed it. They are the scenes of which we are very proud of. The original script has already signed on to do this, but it is not like that. It was a joint, I’m not sure who. What is important is that, in a film such as this, self-psychology, one has to explain the action by means of gestures, is essential.” The concept is not a straight line. What the kid is going to get closer to you, and you will have a few moments of conversation. In the house, hiding in the sewers.

The scene in the sewer that is important, not only because it evokes a real classic, just to remind of the persecution of the The Third Manfrom Carol Reed, the soundtrack of the zither of Anton Karas. The wastewater that has feces, and the rats. You can almost feel the odour of rot. In the slag. “We have changed the itinerary and we find in the history of India because of Joe’s (the Russian) I wanted to think about a phenomenon in contemporary society. India has one of the largest emerging economies in the world, but to the exclusion of the social is significant in the country. At the same time, they produce technology, it is a very large part of the population is living in poverty, disconnected from the network (social). To shoot on the blocks to the poor in Mumbai, it made all the difference,” says Sam Hargrave. Chris: “I loved” Thor ” and the Marvel movies that they put me on a level that I’ve been to, but they are the films of the studio environment, stage. Here, for all that, I turned and looked at him, they were real life situations, real life people. It was not Me, it was Tyler.”

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The brothers Russo have a buy-in to play any movie in Hollywood, you know that. But then why is it that in the Series? “The conditions are changing, industry is changing. Prior to doing movies are great, plenty of effects to go on the cinemas, in the face of the competition from other media. But right now, we’re making films for an audience of young people for whom it does not make much of a difference,” says Anthony. And to Joe: “people don’t care to see movies in the theater, on TV, or mobile phone. In the matter of fruition, it is becoming of secondary importance. The public as well as the information in the story, no matter where they are. We are adapting to seek out the public where it is, and in that moment, more than ever before, and he was in the house.” And it will be indoors, which the public will be able to see the exciting The rescue.

Review: Faces in places they give the tone more impressive

Face it, when Tyler/Chris Hemsworth is at the bridge, in the middle of the gunfire and the explosions, it protects the back of the car, and then an image comes to him, through the out-of-focus for a viewer. The legs of the woman, the child? We don’t know anything about it, except, perhaps, for the fact that the “Thor”, the audience comes to expect that you will be able to with a superhuman effort. In the middle of the film, a conversation with a kid who’s trying to save, is the theme of loss is shown (and the links), but it’s only at the end of your legs and gain focus, a body and a face.

Evil, by comparison, is the classic Citizen KaneOrson Welles, already started by the enigmatic – Rosebud – which is only accounted for in the final scene. The rescue, the feature film from Sam Hargrave, who arrives this Friday on the platform of the Series, if it ends in another puzzle, another plan to the middle out of focus, which opens up a new possibility for the dramatic, who knows the story. In this interview, you’ll discover that the script was written by the ‘bróder’ Joe, you’re old, and originally was found in South America. The boss of the crime – from the drug? – while in jail, his son is kidnapped by the boss’s rival. And the Tyler/Chris, who is hired by a woman to rescue him.

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None of this is very transcendental. The story moved to India, and the hijacker controls the police, the army, and the whole time people are telling you to, Chris – to him, the boy is dead, the living, are doomed. “Dispose of this dead body walking, try to save their own skin.” But the soul is the light of the day for the hero, the memory of those places and the legs, and the drives to act and to kill. According to Chris, there are two challenges in our approach to this story is, in essence, is based on the physicality. How to perform the action? What to look for, when it turns to its own psychology? There is, however, a third issue to do with ethics. It’s the age old question of what is in the Talmud. Life is worth life is worth? He dies a lot of people while it’s trying to save the boy. One life for another? Golshifteh Farahani is in for a surprise? Why is such a beautiful and talented actress in iran? The brothers – Joe and Anthony Russo – have argued that, to give a picture of the world, and Hollywood needs these faces in the region, and it is gorgeous. What you need to help, and, in addition, the action will give the chance to the more powerful actors in india.

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