Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Lawrence, and other actors who have been drunk on the set of the film


It is to get into character, or simply for fun – and it would be irresponsible – it’s a fact that many actors in Hollywood have been seen drinking on the set of the film. Stars such as Brad Pitt, Daniel Radcliffe, and even Jennifer Lawrence have stories that are well-known for binge drinking, which was caused by quite different motives.

The Liquor.com list of Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Lawrence, and the other four celebrities who have been seen drinking while on the job.

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According to the Daily Mail, Daniel Radcliffe, I used to overdo it on the alcohol in his youth. The magic of the Harry Potter series has always enjoyed a party and always drunk in an uncontrolled way, in some cases even appear drunk, for the record, some of the scenes from the series.

“I went to work drunk. I can point to many scenes where I’m just lost, dead in the eye. I have a personality that is well-adicta, and that’s a problem,” said Daniel Radcliffe.

In a q & a session with fans, which was promoted by Google as an actress, Jennifer Lawrence admitted to being drunk during the filming of the Hunger Games – On fire (2013). During a subsequent interview in the “talk show” with David Letterman, the star admitted that in the act again, stating that you had Pinã Coladas in her dressing room because she was “bored”.

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During the recording of here’s To Friendship (2013) on hollywood actress Anna Kendrick got drunk for the truth on the set. Writing for the majority of the scenes that is consuming soft drinks, the actress has revealed the news of a Vulture, which at a given point in time, the production of the film, he gave in to her most of the truth.

“I was drinking a pint of beer, and I didn’t realize that it was up to about a half of the scene. I thought to myself, ‘I’m super drunk right now!’”, I said to Anna Kendrick.

Rumors say that during the filming of Fight Club (1999) director David Fincher took advantage of a night of drunkenness of the actors, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, to shoot scenes for the film. It is said that the iconic scene where the two of you play golf drunk is one of those moments in which Fincher took advantage of the state’s ethanol from its star.

At the breakers (2012), Shia LaBeouf starred in the one-seller of Whisky during the period of prohibition in the us, the period during which the sale of alcoholic beverages was a crime. In an interview with Page Six, the star has revealed that he drank in truth set to be used by the character.

“I’ve made it through the movie, I didn’t drink on set, for no reason at all. I did this because by the time I got to the set the next day, my eyes were like the eyes of a drunk, and I felt the pain of the stomach in a drunken stupor, that I needed to be. I don’t have any of it if he hadn’t been drinking,” said Shia LaBeouf.

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