Disney announces the film as told by Meghan Markle, and Natalie Portman – and More


Meghan Markle, and Natalie Portman, will narrate the new two movies Disney

Meghan Markle, and Natalie Portman, will narrate the new two movies Disney Photograph: Toby Melville/ Reuters | Calla Kessler/The New York Times

The Disney announced on Thursday, the 26th, that it will be releasing two new movies: The Dolphin Reef and Elephant it will be remembered, respectively, for actress Natalie Portman and Meghan Markle, story of the Sussex downs. The production will be released on the 3rd of April at the Disney+, a service of streaming media in the enterprise.

According to the announcement, the film will follow “two amazing families days of unforgettable”, the scenes have a “powerful stories that show just how far a family can go.”

The Dolphin Reef it will show you a tourist in Israel, by the same name, which is inhabited by many species, including bottlenose dolphins, which, according to the ad, “working together in perfect harmony in order to thrive in an unpredictable environment”.

It already The Elephant it will show the start-up of a family of elephants in Africa, in what promises to be “an adventure that will change their lives and those of others”. The film will be the first for Meghan, since she and her husband, Harry, decided to move away from the commitments they had with the british royal family.

Before you get married with the prince, and Meghan, she had a career as an actress with a role on the series Suits. The couple is currently living in Canada along with her son, Archie. With the participation of Meghan in the film business was announced in January by 2020, and according to the information, the fee that the actress will be donated to a charity which protects elephants.

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