Don’t you worry, activist: Rose McGowan back on the criticism of Natalie Portman


On Twitter, the actress and activist Rose McGowan he expressed regret at the prick of the fellow to the profession Natalie Portman by its cover, embroidered with the names of the directors who did not receive nominations in the Oscar. Although we have not directly quoted from in the name of the star The Black Swan, said: “it is My conviction that should have been going on and the continued culture of silence [a causas como essa]. I find that when direcionei my criticism of anyone in particular, I had failed to see that it’s something a lot bigger.”

Rose also added that “all opinions are valid. We are going to continue breaking down the barriers of any and every way that we can. It is time to make noise.

The hot cloths were placed upon the Rose to address an open letter to Her on Facebook in which he called the “fraud” in the protection of the interests of the women in the film industry. In the rant, he declared that the sit-in for the actress was “very offensive to those people who are involved in the cause,” and that She should stop pretending that it’s some sort of champion, or for any other person to not to be it”.

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In response, She said that when you use the cover, was intended to obscure the key activists in the movement, but it’s just to nod in agreement to it and to express their support. With a sound popular with women who reported Harvey Weinsteinwhose verdict for charges of sexual offences has begun to be discussed on Tuesday, November 18, has made it clear that it’s not going to stop protesting that the directors are best known in the film industry. “I’ve tried, and I’m going to keep on trying. While I have not been successful, and I hope that we can follow the road to a new tomorrow”, came to a close.

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